Slow and Steady – By a Hare

Welcome to my sexy alien RomCom!

She’s always in the lead, yet he’s never losing.


I’m the fastest runner ever.

Trust me. You’ve never seen anyone move like me.

No one can catch me.

Not the corrupt leader of my settlement or the evil scientists who genetically enhanced me.

And totally not a slow-moving alien who wears his body-hugging, black armor like a wet t-shirt.

…and who demands my eggs for breeding hatchlings…

But if that annoyingly sexy alien wants me, then he’s got to catch me first.


I’m The Last of my people, which means I’m the best.

If that seems illogical to you, then you must be human, like her

That female is too quick to draw conclusions, too careless with her own safety, and far too tackle-able for my mission.

And unfortunately, although she is immensely distracting, I need her.

…for the mission to save my people…

And certainly not for anything that would require rope. Or cuffs.

By a Hare is a science-fiction alien romance retelling of The Tortoise and the Hare. This slow burn story is an opposites-attract romcom with humor, action, tenderness, and heat. It is intended for mature readers only. Guaranteed HEA when their racing hearts cross the finish line together. Enjoy!

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