NaNoWriMo Is Here!

National Novel Writing Month is upon us. My goal? To have a working draft of CULLER by the end of the month. So I’ve dusted off a previous manuscript of Dius’s story and found this gem…


The display screen revealed that Therion, that gallivanting turd, answered Dius’s comm. His cousin sprawled in the command chair of Prykimis– just languidly lounging at the helm of an Athelasan battleship.
“Where’s Zver?” By Unholde, for once Dius hoped that Therion wouldn’t give him any shit.“Occupied.” Then a thought passed over Therion’s face, like light chasing a shadow, and jarred him upright. “Dius, take a vid of me pushing some buttons, would you? I’ve updated my scrum code to ‘Commander Thanebanger’ but no one’s taking me seriously. An action shot from Prykimis could be the game changer. This one launches the missiles, right?”
Now, rewrites are coming, but I truly hope this scene stays because Wies in there, too! So, if I can make this scene work, I promise to include an exclusive peek in my November newsletter.

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🏹To all my other author buddies doing NaNo this year, may the odds be ever in your favor!🏹