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Welcome Q&A!

Updated March 13, 2022

I suppose you all have some questions, so let’s just jump right in. But first…

By a Hare is being published! (More here…)

The Velveteen Tortoise is still available here on my website. (More here…)

Alright. Moving on…

Q: So, what is this, Bex?

A: Well, this is just me trying to achieve several things at once: maintain a positive outlook, remain creatively productive, and hopefully give others something to enjoy.

Q: Okay… but that still doesn’t tell me what this is.

A: Oh! Right. Well, Slow & Steady is a science-fiction romance series with aliens (squee!) that I am releasing, for free, in erratic installments.

Q: Um, it sounds…

A: Yeah. I know. That’s not super flashy, but it’s what I’m working with here. Many people are experiencing challenges right now, and my New Normal is being home with my kiddos, 24/7. My time and energy is theirs to flog—er, command. Hmm, expend?

Seriously folks, I love ‘em like a feral momma bear with a helicopter pilot license, and thus my focus is 99.9% on them and their well-being.

The other 0.1% is mine, which I am allotting to this serial.

Q: Got it. You’re prioritizing. But, why write the serials and not the next The Ladyships book?

A: Because I really want to write something simple(r) during this stressful time. The Ladyships books tend to have subplots, and sub-subplots, and deeply motivated tertiary characters. I just want to write Girl Meets (Alien) Boy. Sssimple. Sexy. Fun.

Q: You kinda choked on the word ‘simple’ there.

A: Fine. I’ll confess. I kinda, sorta plotted the series. I know. My original plan was No Plotting. But, I did plot. I have a caveat to add. Wanna hear it?

Q: Sure. Why not?

A: So, the disclaimer: If all goes well, I may publish the series. In the meantime, the serials will not be professionally edited. Also, I’ll try to limit my ‘I tried my very bestest’ revisions to three passes for expediency’s sake. The point is for the serials to be fun for both me and anyone daring enough to read them. I guarantee typos and questionable grammar, perchance some gaping plot holes, and inconsistent releases of the installments. Truly, it promises to be a thrilling experience–

Q: Gonna stop you right there. I just so happen to be the daring kinda person of which you just spoke! Tell me: how I can read this amazing tale of love, laughter, and (presumably) lusty alien encounters!

A: Seriously?

Q: Bex…

A: Oh! You’re serious! Well, okay then! This is so great! Well, see the links above.

You are, beyond a doubt, way super awesome.

Hugs, hugs, hugs,


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