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Welcome to my SFR romp of Girl Meets Alien Boy!

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Finished Chapters

Chapter 1 – We meet Rez and Kinixys!

Chapter 2 – Rez and Kinixys meet each other!

Chapter 3 – Kinixys is ordered to hunt Rez. Rez gets a dire mission.

Chapter 4 – Everyone gets the runaround.

Chapter 5 – They need to stick together… for now.

Chapter 6 – They finally leave the crash site (yay!) and stumble into danger (yay again!).

Chapter 7 – They beat the bad guys, but then they fall…

Chapter 8 – Terms are negotiated.

Chapter 9 – Rez gets a much needed cool down that clears her head.

Chapter 10Be sure to read my comments at the end of the chapter!

Chapter 11 – And… Action!

Chapter 12 – Run, Rez! Run!

Chapter 13 – Finally… rope!