Slow & Steady – Chapter Nine Available

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Chapter Nine is live!

Well, hell. Her ‘Shit to Deal With’ just kept growing and growing.
She tugged her shirt on and exited the lavatory. Time to tackle some shit.
“So, Pyx?”
Pyxis perked up. “Oh! You’ve scandalously truncated my name and I got to see you naked.”
Right. Beware Kin’s patient, cunning, deadly sister and his infinitely happy, idiotic brother. Got it.
She caught his eye, hoping he would catch her meaning. “And you got to see me run.”
Pyxis shrugged and lowered one brow ridge at her.
Did he…? Did he just wink at her?

Slow & Steady – Chapter Eight Available


Chapter Eight is live!

Yeah. So that just happened.

Okay. Moving on.

Fun Fact: As I am posting this scene, I am listening to Pat Benatar’s ‘We Belong.’ On repeat. Because this song is Rez’s and Kin’s hearts laid bare. See, fun!

I would, though, like to express my extreme gratitude (and utter shock) that you all have made it this far! I am truly having a blast with Rez and Kin and am looking forward to the next chapter!


Slow & Steady – Reader Q&A

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With six chapters done and approximately 20,000 words written, it seems like a good time for another Slow & Steady Q&A. My thanks to everyone who asked these awesome questions via post comments or by email.


Q: Is Slow & Steady interconnected with your other series/characters or will it ever be?

A: No, it’s not. Now that I think about it, I really should’ve done that! Hmmm.🤔 I write in five distinct ‘worlds’, which sounds impressive—like I’m an interdimensional/interstellar badass—but truly, it’s just my lack of foresight. Though, I can sorta see how/when/where I could slot Slow & Steady into The Ladyships’ world, but… Yeah. I need to think on that.

Q: Well, Ms. Interstellar Badass, do you plan to write further books in the Slow & Steady world?

A: Today the answer is very much yes. I love what this serial has done for me. It has kept me writing during this stressful time. Although the serial isn’t complete yet (and I will complete it), it has already surpassed my expectations. I’m having fun, others are having fun, and I’ve been writing almost daily. Plus, Culler/Dius’s book has been stirring in the back of my mind more and more. All in all, I am so freaking relieved and super giddy over the whole serial experience.

Q: Of course you’re giddy. Your hero is a turtle. So, does the guy really look like a turtle?

A: Hehe, so about that… I love turtles and tortoises because they are adorable, ferocious, and highly huggable creatures. My favorite is the eastern box turtle followed by red ear sliders. As for Kinixys the Last, he’s named after a hinged tortoise from Africa. In the current story (up to Chapter Six), he’s yet to take his helmet off. So, when that happens, I’ll come back and update this answer. (Can’t wait for him to ‘step out of his shell’!)

Q: ‘Step out of his shell’? You know that’s creepy, right?

A: Eh.

Q: Moving on… So, you’re a new-to-me author and I’m enjoying Slow & Steady. Since I’m unfamiliar with your work, where should I begin reading?

A: Wow, you all are asking some tough questions. See, the thing is, I should be able to answer this, but… Well, let me just show you.

Here’s a poll from the kickass members of my Facebook group: The League of Bextraordinary Readers. For the most part, my thoughts align with most readers of The Ladyships series:

The Most Enjoyable Reading Order

(Poll from my reader group, where lots of people think I’m super smart!)

However, one amazing reader had this compelling opinion:

“I kinda think [Sarda/Vedma] should be after [Bane/Therion], it makes the impact of [Vedma] more, you get to go Ohhhhh? That’s why she’s that way with Therion.”

Honestly, that comment blew my mind. It would put a different spin on Sarda if it was read after Bane. Therefore, if you adore salty heroines who deeply love in grumpy and underhanded ways, then save Sarda for last.

Q: Speaking of last place, will Rez and Kin have a race?

A: Oh, yes! And I can’t wait!

Q: Okay, we saved the best question for last. Will Kin finally get his hands on some rope?

A: You know, he also bugs me about that all the time. But I highly suspect, that once he gets some rope, it’s not going to play out the way he thinks it will…

Q: I lied. I still have questions for you.

A: No worries. Just drop any additional questions in the comments of this blog post and I’ll answer them!

(Okay, the “Leave a Comment” link is super sneaky. Sometimes it’s at the top of the post, right under the title: “Slow & Steady – Reader Q&A.” Sometimes, it’s a helpful “Leave a Reply” comment box at the bottom. See? Super sneaky.)

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