The Ladyships Book 3

Coming soon-ish…

UPDATE 11/18/2021

All of the info listed below is still relevant. When I have snippets of Culler available, I will post them on Twitter.

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I’ve got fabulous news and regular old news.*

Regular Old News: Culler’s target release has been postponed. My sincere apologies to everyone who is awaiting his story. When I have a solid timeframe, I will update this page.

Why the postponement? Well, I’ve prepared a short and a long answer.

Click here for the long answer

Click here for the short answer/a.k.a Fabulous News

If you would like to read about Dius now, he currently appears in the following titles:

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Again, my apologies for withdrawing the release date. Dius’s book is coming, and hopefully my work on the Fabulous News (long answer) will help me complete his book.

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*(Revised April 2020)

Copy of Culler NL Excerpt-2