Slow & Steady – The Velveteen Tortoise – Chapter Eleven Available

Chapter Eleven of The Velveteen Tortoise is now available.

“Do you?” Pyx’s voice is all sexy rumbly yet kinda cautiously shaky. “Do you wanna do all of that?”

My eyes—the spineless wimps—are still locked on the workbench. Which means that I catch the trembling in Pyx’s hand as he sets down whatever gear-shaft-looking thingy that he’d been holding.

“Because, you know, Luna,” he says, and it just cuts me when Pyx’s voice sounds like this—uncertain and vulnerable, “I’ll do anything or try anything you wanna do.”

Sex. I wanna do sex with you.

“I…” he exhales heavily again, “really wanna do that, too.”

If you think I’m gonna stumble all over the place, trying to shoving my foot in my mouth because, once again, I’m talking out loud…

Well, you’d be wrong.

When I let my lips off the leash, they freaking race straight to the finish line. So excuse me while I give my subconsciously yammering jabber a hearty high-five for stepping up to the starting line and getting my butt into this race…

…a race to, um, get into Pyx’s pants…

So, yeah. I’m gonna do sex with Pyx because all this…

…the distractions…

…the excuses…

…the stalling…

needs to be freaking fixed!

I whip my dress over my head. “We’re doing this!”

Turning, I stride over to the stack of pallets in the corner… of the cave…

Why, yes. My freaking cave does have a freaking corner!

Oh!’ My shebits purr in approval. ‘She’s serious this time. Just look at our butt. She’s shimmying our butt!’

You bet I’m shaking and baking my backside. This is freaking it! I’m having sex with Pyx. I’m gonna get fully and officially mated so that—

“Don’t move, Luna.”

I freeze.

Caught mid-crawl across the pallets, I’m on my hands and knees…

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REIN – Live Chat


I am so excited to announce that my amazing critique partner will be joining me LIVE ONLINE to chat about Rein: A Tidefall Novel!

At the Abduct Me SFRCon last weekend, Rein was the one book that I didn’t get to talk about with readers. I kinda ran outta time because I ramble. A lot. But, good news! Since my critique partner will be joining us, she’ll be sure to rein me in.💛

WHAT: Facebook Live Event Chatting About REIN!
WHEN: Saturday, February 27th @ 8PM EST
WHERE: The League of Bextraordinary Readers (my FB reader group)*
Event Link:

If you’d like to ask your questions in advance, feel free to email me at:

*You must be a member of the group to attend, so be sure to join in advance!

Slow & Steady – The Velveteen Tortoise – Chapter Ten Available

Chapter Ten of The Velveteen Tortoise is now available.

“Luna.” Pyx squeezes his eyes shut and groans, sounding kinda in agony and definitely aroused. “Do all of that.”

“All of…?”

“All of it. Everything you just said.”

Everything I just…

I’m yapping out loud.


And that’s great. Wanna know why? Because I’m totally gonna do everything I just said. This is it. Totally. Freaking. It.

I’m already pulling up my dress, but my legs are getting tangled up in the skirt. I’m kinda kicking wildly at Pyx, which I really don’t mean to be doing…

Still, I’m determined that this time, it’s so gonna happen.

“Move.” I huff as I try to lift my butt off the mattress. “Up. Off.”

Yeah. I suck at giving directions.

But Pyx, god bless him, rears up and scoots back.

As I’m wrangling with my stupid skirt, I rake my eyes over his chest.

His big, broad, sculpted-by-armor chest.

Yeah. That armor’s gotta go…

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Slow & Steady – The Velveteen Tortoise – Chapter Nine Available

Chapter Nine of The Velveteen Tortoise is now available.

I look at my hands, forcing them to not curl and compress the scutites of my armor again.

When Luna’d kissed me, I’d fought to remain hyperaware—to make the moment last—but everything about her had been too distracting.

Too consuming.

I’d been determined to lap up every scent and taste molecule of her arousal, sucking greedily on her lips and nipping at the warm column of her neck. The more I’d devoured her, the more I wanted her. My appetite’d spun into a frenzy, driving me to seek the tantalizing source of her arousal and feast from her core. Then the sound of ripping cloth had slammed into me harder than a pulse blast.

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Slow & Steady – The Velveteen Tortoise – Chapter Eight Available

Chapter Eight of The Velveteen Tortoise is now available.


I yelp and spin around. Pyx’s outta the bolthole. He’s staring at me, not as if I’m insane for bolting outta the bolthole, but with more of his resolve-weakening tenderness and concern.

Oh, and he’s dressed in pants. Just pants. Nothing else.

Please. Someone. Help me.

I shake my head, trying to toss out thoughts of climbing him like a candycoated cliffside. “You shouldn’t be up here!”

Yeah, I sound kinda harsh, but I’m looking out for him. I mean, he’s got on the soft, buttery pants that the Akupara wear when inside the Bale. Only, he’s not inside the Bale.

Pyx shrugs. “But you’re up here.”

I gape at him. Blink. Gape some more.

That can’t possibly be his reason—‘because I’m up here’—for being outta his armor, while being outside of the Bale, instead of being safely concealed in my bolthole. If it is, then he needs another dang reason!

I wait, tilting my head and raising my brows expectantly. He’s gotta have more for me than that. He’s just got to. Because I’m not worth risking his people’s secrets.

He shifts his eyes away, then back to me. “So, I’m up here, too.”

Me. He’s up here—taking an unbelievable risk—for me.

Oh crap. I really do wanna climb him like a candycoated cliffside…

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Slow & Steady – The Velveteen Tortoise – Chapter Seven Available

Chapter Seven of The Velveteen Tortoise is now available.

Pyx runs his intense gaze over me. “You won’t hurt me, Luna.”

Right. Back to the present. There’s an Akupara warrior on his knees before me—stripped of his armor and begging me to touch him—because it’s something that I’d asked him to do.

I’m such a freaking idiot.

He’s right where I want him, but now I don’t know what to do with him…

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Culler Update

#dailydius #culleratwork

Just as the Slow & Steady serial is helping me tackle my writing goals, I’ve started another ‘Incentive Initiative.’

Right now, I’m keeping it reasonable: I’m trying to work on Culler daily. One scene. One paragraph. One sentence. Whatever. I’ll take it.

So, if you’d like to join me as I bumble my way through completing my first draft of Culler, I’m posting excerpts on Twitter.

Oh, two things…

  • I guarantee typos, because #typosaretenacious.
  • I have no clue if what I tweet will be part of the final draft. 

Should be exciting… I hope.😁😘💕

Bex on Twitter @BexMcLynn

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