Slow & Steady – Chapter Five Available

SS Blog Update Ch5

Chapter Five is live!

Wow. This time, I learned some things about how I write. Check out my comments in Chapter 5 for more.
…he would demand that she fully—rather than ‘kinda’—accept his sibling’s offer. Obviously, he would explain that she would remain by his side until her obligation was fulfilled. Perhaps inquire if she happened to have any rope on her… 

4 thoughts on “Slow & Steady – Chapter Five Available

  1. So, I just discovered you through Ruby Dixon who is writing her own serial, and gushed about you writing one as well. I had seen Thanemonger about and thought, “what an odd name for a book”…and didn’t get much farther. Then I got sent here by Ruby (not having connected the dots), read the four chapters that were available in a mad dash…and then thought, “please, can I have some more?” and went looking for the rest of your books. So, then…OF COURSE…Thanemonger. Don’t get me wrong, Zver is great, but Therion is everything. I finished Bane about 5 minutes ago. Culler….ooooh, that’s gonna be good! And I have Rannick gets a book as well.

    Anyhow, Slow and Steady! I’ll be delighted to figure out was sissy is gonna do with her eggs! I’m assuming it’s a cool bit of alien physiology and not something nefarious. I’ll be relieved when they both forgo the snail’s pace. It’s got to occur to one or the other that the same sham they are perpetuating is being pulled on them as well, especially as they start making similar slip-ups. It’s rather interesting to hear your commentary/introspection as you go. While I would have enjoyed the pages of rumination/headspace views (not a lot of books do this!) I can see how furthering the plot is also a necessity. 😉

    I’m DYING to know more about “the Bale”. Is it a house? A village? A governing body? A sentient being? A ship? I’m going to go re-read!

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind comments, Mindy! I am very glad that you are enjoying The Ladyships, Slow & Steady, and my ramblings about the serial. I am also very grateful that Ruby mentioned my serial. (Love her!!) And yes, Therion is my boy as well. He is a blast to write and I was very thrilled to give him an HEA. As for Rez and Kin, I have a rough outline that will hopefully (fingers crossed) all work out! If not, well, at least I’ll have a draft to edit. 🙂

      Thank you so much for trying my books! I appreciate it so much!💜


  2. I’m still a little confused. They need Rez to carry the eggs? What about the sperm to fertilize them? But Rez doesn’t realize what they want yet, right? By the way, I adore the ladyship series and want more stories about them! Sarda was great!

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    1. Thank you for the questions, Kelly! Right now, Rez has a vague understanding of what the Akupara want/need from her. I plan to clear that up in future chapters. (I am hoping chapter nine or ten.) When I do the revisions, I definitely plan to make this part of the story clearer much sooner.

      The short of it: Emys needs a human donor (Rez) to compensate for the genetic deficiencies in her own eggs. Once Akupara scientists have grafted Emys’s and Rez’s eggs together, they’ll inseminate using a male Akupara donor. Incubate the (literal) eggs, and in due time adorable, soft shell Akupara hatchlings are born! Squee!

      But, yeah… all of that is coming.

      And thank you so much for reading The Ladyships series! Another book is coming (Dius/Culler). I plan to transition to that book as soon as I finish the serial. Or, I may try to write in tandem, just to see how it goes. And I am always so excited to hear from Vedma/Sarda fans! I adore Vedma so much and I am so, so glad that you enjoyed her story!


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