Slow & Steady – The Velveteen Tortoise – Chapter Two Available

Chapter Two of The Velveteen Tortoise is now available.

Jo hip checks me with her machete hipbones. “Listen, I gotta go, Baby Bunny.”

She so does not gotta go. Besides, I said that I had to go first!

I narrow my eyes at her.

She narrows her eyes right back at me. “Someone’s mother wants to talk about increasing patrols because an unknown person’s been harassing the kids.”


And no, he isn’t protecting me by not naming me. He’s firing a warning shot, because he could’ve named me.

Stupid Howie.

I glance at Jo. She’s giving me a flat ‘I ain’t impressed’ stare and says nothing. I get it. Why bother saying anything? Because I know that Jo knows that Howie knows it was me. And now I know that Howie knows that—

Ugh. Never mind. That’s too much work.

Bottomline: Everybody freaking knows.

I must have rolled my eyes or something, because Jo arches a brow at me. It’s her hawk-eye ‘I see you, Luna’ brow arch.

Yeah, yeah. I gotta stop it with the candy.

I’ll try cake next…

Read Chapter Two…

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