Slow & Steady – Chapter 3 and Q&A

SS Blog Update Ch3

Chapter 3 is live!

Q&A Update

We’re now two weeks and three chapters into Slow & Steady.
It’s a good time for another Q&A, yes?


Q: So, Bex, how are things going with the serial?

A: Great. I think. I’m pretty sure… I mean, I’m a writing turtle, so I am incredibly thrilled that I have three whole chapters of Slow & Steady completed since this all started about two weeks ago.

Q: You still sound a bit uncertain.

A: Well, yeah. I’m averaging one scene a day, and that includes posting it. The story is coming to me faster now, so I’m thinking I’ll try to spend two to three days writing. On the fourth day I’ll post, and hopefully I’ll get two or three chapters done a week.

Q: Wow! That’s great! How many chapters do you plan to write?

A: Right now I am thinking twenty-ish. The book will be a shorter one for me. Less than Thanemonger, but more than Sarda.

Q: In your latest chapter, you’ve threaded quite a bit in there…

A: I hear ya. I’m kinda concerned as well. But at the same time, I am very excited to explore those threads. (Sorry for the vagueness. Doing my best to not inadvertently drop any spoilers.) What I can say, is that I have a plan. All of those threads have been plotted, and (fingers crossed) none will be left hanging open at the end.

Q: Speaking of the end, will there be more books in this world?

A: Today’s answer is yes. I’m having fun. These characters are getting me to the page each day, which was my ultimate goal. I have plans for two more Akupara books, with a possible third, making the series four books in total.

Q: Awesome. Glad you’re having fun and planning more books. But…

A: But?

Q: Culler.

A: Oh. Him.

Q: Yes HIM! You haven’t forgotten about him, have you? We’ve not forgotten about him!

A: I have not forgotten about Dius. His book is coming. Writing Slow & Steady is my way of coping with the stress and anxiety of social distancing and quarantining. As things continue to develop locally and world-wide, I will re-examine and adjust. Perhaps I’ll pick up Culler sooner than expect. Perhaps I’ll power through all three/four books of Slow & Steady. But my goals are still the same: 99.9% my family, 0.1% having fun with whatever it is that I’m writing.

Q: Well. Okay, then. Just wanted to make sure. We love Dius. Kinda started to wonder if you love him, too…

A: I do love him! And it’s so touching how many people have enjoyed his character and want to read his story. Thank you, so much, for expressing your love for this character!

So, for all you Dius fans, read on for an excerpt…

Copy of Culler NL Excerpt-2


NaNoWriMo Is Here!

National Novel Writing Month is upon us. My goal? To have a working draft of CULLER by the end of the month. So I’ve dusted off a previous manuscript of Dius’s story and found this gem…


The display screen revealed that Therion, that gallivanting turd, answered Dius’s comm. His cousin sprawled in the command chair of Prykimis– just languidly lounging at the helm of an Athelasan battleship.
“Where’s Zver?” By Unholde, for once Dius hoped that Therion wouldn’t give him any shit.“Occupied.” Then a thought passed over Therion’s face, like light chasing a shadow, and jarred him upright. “Dius, take a vid of me pushing some buttons, would you? I’ve updated my scrum code to ‘Commander Thanebanger’ but no one’s taking me seriously. An action shot from Prykimis could be the game changer. This one launches the missiles, right?”
Now, rewrites are coming, but I truly hope this scene stays because Wies in there, too! So, if I can make this scene work, I promise to include an exclusive peek in my November newsletter.

Shameless newsletter sign-up plug:

🏹To all my other author buddies doing NaNo this year, may the odds be ever in your favor!🏹