Pre-Order: Bane

You can now pre-order BANE on Amazon.  It will be available in KindleUnlimited on October 4th.

Therion knows that Maude needs a scoundrel at her back more than she needs an honorable man at her side. For her, he will gladly remain the Bane.

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Freebie – Tell No Tales

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Whether you are new to The Ladyships series or are a longtime fan of Therion, I hope you enjoy this collection of deleted scenes.


Click here for a free copy of Tell No Tales

Therion Borac is many things. His mother’s darling. His father’s hellion. His house’s bane. A scheming scoundrel who has many tales to tell.

Tell No Tales contains deleted scenes from The Ladyships, a science fiction romance series where hunky alien heroes fall for intrepid human heroines. These deleted scenes give you a glimpse of Therion in the days before Thanemonger (Book One) and Bane (Book Two). They also introduce the series to new readers while whetting the appetite of Therion’s fans.

Read on to discover an alien culture teeming with dark intrigue, crude language, and ribald jokes. It is intended for mature readers only. Enjoy!

Pre-Order: Rein

Rein is now available for pre-order on Amazon.  It will be available in KindleUnlimited on June 29th.

The ties that bind Oliviana and Nikolas also tear them apart. Madness plagues wolf shifters, yet the cure could cost them everything. Will sacrificing their hearts’ desire be enough to save their people?

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New Release: Mama and the Alien Warrior

Mama and the Alien Warrior is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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I am so pleased to announce the release of my latest book, Mama and the Alien Warrior, co-written with the fabulous Honey Phillips! This was such a fun experience for me. Honey and I are both mothers, and we wanted to explore an alien abduction story that included that aspect for the main character. The result is a sweet, steamy romance between a weary alien warrior and determined human woman. I hope you enjoy it!