Slow and Steady – The Velveteen Tortoise – Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve

Pyxis The Restrained

(Finished – 5/25/2021)

Pyxis The Restrained

My chest is heaving as I stare up at the crags in the ceiling of the cave.

I blink. “That was—”

I swallow, cutting myself off from what I was about to say.

Cut myself off? Fuck. I wanna pummel myself for almost speaking out loud that insincere, canned line of utter shit.

That was fabulous.

“You’re right.” Luna—who’s laying naked and so damn beautifully next to me—huffs an astonished sounding laugh and wipes her brow. “That was so freaking fabulous.”

No. That was not fabulous.

That was beyond fabulous.

“Yeah,” Luna nods as she also stares up at the ceiling, “that was way more than fab. That rocked my world.” She gestures weakly toward the ceiling. “Kinda surprised the cave didn’t collapse on us. Right?”

“Right,” I huff out as I nod.

My world has been rocked. And although the cave hasn’t caved-in, I’ve got all this pressure on my chest as I’m laying here, flat on my back, billowing air into my lungs yet not catching my breath…

 Truly, I’m astounded that I’m still alive.

“Whelp.” Luna claps her hands as she sits up. “I’m off.”

She hops off our pallets and snatches her dress from the floor.

My heart kicks hard against my plastron. Thump. Thump. Thump. “Where are you going?”


I growl.

Not because she’s leaving—

Well. That’s not true. It is because she’s leaving.

But, it’s also because she’s shimming into a pair panties. Only Aku knows where she’s found a pair that’s still intact. See, for some reason, I can tolerate her dresses—because they hug her curves so damn amazingly well—but her panties…

I really like tearing those tiny, tantalizing scraps off of her, revealing her sweet, succulent core, and then devouring all she has to offer.

And Luna likes it too. Because when the sound of renting fabric echos off the cave walls, her breath hitches and her eyes glaze over, and her core perfumes the air with the most alluring scent of her arousal.

Those memories intensify my growl, causing Luna to snap her gaze to me. Just like I’ve seen happen again and again during these past several hours, heat rushes to her face, flaming her cheeks as her eyes deepen with lust—

She blinks, then shakes her head as she resumes getting dressed. “No. Not gonna happen. I got stuff to do.”

“You do?” 

“I do.”

She starts twisting her hair up into a messy, nest-kinda poof onto the crown of her head. It’s fucking adorable. It’s also sexy as hell because strands of her hair are still plastered to the column of her neck, pressed against her fragrant skin because of the full-bodied, lusty lathers we’ve been working each other into—

I scramble off the pallets. “I’ll join you.”

If she has stuff to do that means we can do it together.

“Nah. I’ve got this.” She waves me off as she heads toward the ladder that leads up to the modular. “I’m just burning more bread.”

“Burning bread.” I nod as I step into my pants. “Sounds fascinating.”

Truly. It does intrigue me. Whatever burning bread entails, it’s obviously important to Luna. The pull of this task is literally pulling her away from our fantastically endless mating rut.

Plus, the faster I help Luna burn the bread, the faster we get back to our mating.

I can’t wait.

I’m striding toward the ladder. “Let’s—”

Luna zips infront of me. “Hey! Wait a second, Pyx!”

Wait. For a whole second.

My body tenses up in revolt, wanting to sidestep Luna and charge up the ladder.

But, instead, I stand there—chest-to-chest with my mate—as we stare at one another.

And you know what? Waiting this whole entire second isn’t so bad.

I get to gaze down at my amazing mate and simply sink into a magnificently focused, intensely hyperaware moment. 

A moment that’s all about Luna.

Look at how fucking lucky I am to have such a fab—



Luna arches her brows at me. “I’m waiting.”

“So am I.”

“You’re waiting?”

Of course I am. She’s my mate. She’s commanded me to wait. So, I wait.

 Luna huffs, “Waiting for what?”

“For whatever you wanna wait for.” I shrug. “I’m kinda intrigued right now. Can’t wait to see what we’re waiting for to happen.”

Truly. Luna does so many fascinating things. I bet that whatever she’s waiting for is absolutely outstand—

“I’m waiting for you to put on your armor.”

Oh. That’s not outstanding. That’s the exact opposite of outstanding. It’s outrageous. I can’t touch or see or smell Luna all that well in my phony armor.

“My armor?” I give her a good look, making sure she’s serious about this command. “You want me to put on my armor?”

“Yeah. I do.” She points at the ceiling. “‘Cause we’re going where people could possibly see you.”

Ah. Right. To protect my Bale and my honor, I gotta suit up in bogus protective gear.

“My armor.” I try to keep my shoulders from drooping. Right now, Luna’s doing the right thing—looking out for me and my people. “Got it. Armoring up.”

She nods. “Armor up, Warrior.”

“But you’ll wait for me? You will, right?” I spin around, seeking out the scattered pieces that I really don’t wanna put back on. However, Luna wants me to do it, so I wanna do it fast. “That bread burning you gotta do, we’ll do it together?”

She grimaces. “Sure. I mean, I’m just burning bread.”

“Sounds—” I’m slapping on my armor at the absolutely peek of my natural speed. The onboard systems, still running the initiating sequences of all the armor’s functions, isn’t even finished as I turn back to Luna. “—fabulous.”

She gaping at me, and there’s this inkling prickling my spine with the notion that—perhaps, maybe—I’d gotten kitted up too fast.

But my excitement hurls that twinge of caution aside as I nod. “Seriously. I’m all in.”

I groan in anticipation. “Is it in?”

“Not yet.” Luna sighs and wipes at the sweat beading her brow.

By Aku, I wanna lap up each and every one of those sultry droplets with my tongue.


Luna looks up and over her shoulder at me. “Was that your—”

“Nope.” Not my hands. That was my jaw clenching the shit outta the scutites of my helmet. Which is totally something new, however… “How about now? Is it in?”

Her wide eyes flick to my hands. “Are you sure that wasn’t—”

“Totally sure.” I hold my hands up, then spread my fingers out and rigidly lock them in place. This display of proof is also a precaution. Because I’m standing behind Luna while she’s bending over and gazing up at me—

Hell. My hands really—fucking really—wanna grab her.

My heart pounds. Thump. Thump. “‘Cause I can put it in for you.”

She narrows her eyes at me. “You’ll cram it in.”

“I’ll ease it in. Promise.”

“You said that last time.”

True. However… “Totally learned my lesson.”

“You also said that last time.”

Also true. However… “Each time I get better at it.”

Luna shakes her head at me. “Goal’s to not burn down the modular, Pyx.”


But I still press closer, crowding her as I peer over her shoulder. “It can take more.”

“It can’t.”

“It can.” Probably.

But truly, probably not.

Why do humans make everything so damn small? And with such poor quality? I’m shocked that the kitchetten’s walls are thick enough to actually echo the scraping of metal against metal as Luna continues to shift the pans about inside the oven.

I huff.

She sighs. “You need to be patient.”

I need to be inside of her.

Why? Because burning bread with Luna is unbearably fantastic.

First, she’s got this dusting of flour over her cheeks that makes me wanna cup her face—

But, yeah. No hands.

The flour also makes her nose twitch in a way that gets my cock both twitching and swelling—

But I gotta stay in my armor.

Then there’s her dress pulling across her luscious backside—like it always brilliantly does—as she bends over to get the bread in and out of the oven. It makes me wanna lift her skirt and sink into her world-altering, soul-addicting core—

But. Again.

My fucking cursed hands and my fucking fake armor are keeping me from Luna.

I don’t like it.

Scratch that.

I hate it. I hate them.

“Yeah,” Luna sighs as she stands. With her hands on her hips, she stretches her back. “I hate this tiny oven, too. And it’s so freaking slow. It’ll take forever to burn enough bread to keep nosey people away.” She looks at up me as her lips turn down into an apologetic frown. “Sorry about that. It can’t go any faster.”

“You want it to bake…faster?”

“Yeah.” Her shoulders droop. I really don’t like it when her shoulders droop. That means Luna’s doubting herself. “Faster baking means I can burn a ton more bread and really keep people away.”

I stare at her.

“You know,” she shrugs, but’s a small and insecure lift of her shoulders, “the smell’ll drive people off and we’ll get more time.”

“More time?” I don’t get it.

“Together.” She flicks her eyes away from me, biting her lower lip as her cheeks flame. “To fix—er, do stuff.”

Now I get it.

I really fucking get it.

And damn this useless helmet. Because Luna can’t see my face, she doesn’t know that I’m gaping at her in bone-rattling shock yet swelling with unwavering adoration.

Oh, and growling in pleased, feral possession.

So. Fucking. Pleased.

See, my mate has taken something that others would deem a failure—burnt bread—and given it a useful purpose.

“More time together.” I echo back, though I’m not questioning how quickly the oven can burn bread.

Rather, my mind’s kinda stuck on what Luna said—that the oven is slow and that we need a fuck-ton more bread. Which means…

I want each loaf of bread to burn so damn slowly that it gives Luna and I all the time in the universe…

To go back into the cave…

And crawl across the pallets…

Punch more holes into the solid rock wall as my mate welcomes me into her beyond-fucking-fabulous body…

As her hands burn and burn and burn with each of our mind-shattering releases… 

Over and over…


It all comes back to Luna.

“Luna.” My entire body is thrumming as I step closer to her.

Luna locks her gaze on my slow, but steadily increasing, heaving plastron. “Love it when you say my name like that.”

She does? Truly? When I voice my undeniable need for her in such a low, primal tone?

“Yes.” Her gaze heats up as she lists toward me. “Say it again.”

So fucking thrilled and relieved, I loosen my hold on my restraint. “Luna.”

And the sweetest, sexiest, most diminutive growl passes through her lips as her eyelids flutter closed. Then the scent of her arousal blossoms in the air like a midnight bloom.

I’m not gonna be able to restrain—

I don’t even fucking want to—


I’m ripping chunks outta my armor.

Luna’s tearing at—well, struggling against—her dress. I reach out to shred the fabric from her body.

“No!” She ducks and shuffles away, yet her expression and tone are determined as she points at me. “You. Get naked.”

“While you?” I grip my right shouldercop, dig my fingertips into the armor, and viciously yank it free.

“While I…” Luna’s gawking at the millions of scutites pinging against and scattering across the walls and floor.

I tear the other shouldercop away. “While you?”

“While I…” she moans. “God, Pyx. You’re so—”

“Yours.” My arm braces are gone. “Willing.” I kick off the remnants of my greaves from my legs.  “Ready.” I shed my loincop.

She nods as she stares at my erect cock. “You’re so ready.”

“But, I’m not patient, Luna.” In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve got full-blown Mating Madness where I’ll do everything and anything for her.

I step toward her. “Lose the dress, Luna.”

She shivers as she stares up at me. “Lock the door, Pyx.”

Fuck the door.

I reach for her—

“One second! One second!” She pivots around and slaps her hands against the closed door. Bouncing on her toes, she glares at the back of her hands that are covering the thin divide between the lock stile and jamb. “Melt. Freaking melt.”

Ah. I should have guessed this sooner. My so amazingly sexy mate is as incredibly thoughtful as she is ingenuously resourceful.

I step up behind her.

Reaching over her head, I grip the top edges of the door and jamb and pinch them together. The weak metals crimp together, forming a crude seal.

“Fucking fabulous idea, Luna,” I rumble as I press my straining, naked cock to her dress-covered backside.

 She whimpers, resting her forehead to the door as the singing smell of white-hot smelting overwhelms the odor of burnt bread. “Guess we are gonna burn down the modular.”

We are. We so fucking are.

Just as Luna tilts her hips and arches her spine—presenting her backside to me—I drop to my knees…

“Pyx! Wha—”

…And tear away her dress.

Sinking back onto my hunches, I stare up at her.

By Aku, Luna is perfection. From the fire in her eyes to the lush curves of her hips—even down to the heartwarmingly tiny, dainty digits of her feet—my mate leaves me stunned and speechless.

I want her. I want her. I want her.

My arms tremble as I raise them up and lace my fingers together behind my head.

Dipping my chin down to my full, throbbing cock, I grate out. “On.”

I sound like mindless beast.

Huffing in frustration, I try again. “In.”

Yeah. That’s not any better.

But thank Aku, my mate knows my mind well.

With legs that are trembling as badly as my arms, Luna steps closer, straddling me as she’s bending her knees and sinking down—


I’m engulfed in unimaginable bliss as she takes me into her body. With her arms crossed over her chest and her hands gripping her shoulders, she rides me with gratifying grace. My ass and thighs flex—each giving a stunted jerk—as I hold back the urge to thrust up. Already my hands are squeezing one another, desperate to reinforce their hold.

But then Luna moans. With her head lulling back, exposing the smooth column of her throat, her lips part. Her legs spread wider. Her core slides farther down my cock—

Her hands—glowing with heat—release her shoulders and press against my plastron, right over my heart. I feel the heat—I feel Luna—seeping inside of me…


I grab her hips—which magnificently fill my hands to perfection—and then thrust up while I pull her down. Her sweet core welcomes me with a sleek, spine-snapping grip along with chest-bursting warmth…

Her keening moans for more drive me. With each thrust I’m snarling her name. Luna. Luna. Luna.

She comes, bursting apart in my hands, yet I keep thrusting. I keep snarling. I also throttle back, stroking into Luna at such a slow and steady pace that she’s sobbing and babbling for me to not stop.

That’s my fabulously idea, my mate. To never fucking stop.

Luna the Baby Bunny

“Stop it!” I giggle as I tuck my tush and skip away from Pyx’s handsy hands.

My duck-and-dodge also takes me away from the kitchenette counter and my next batch of bread batter. But that’s not the real issue at the moment. It’s just…

Oh. Good. God. Look at me.



I think all the sex has driven me mad.

Which I guess is better than all that sex killing me. Because there had been a moment or three when I’d been pretty darn sure I wasn’t gonna recover.

“But you have recovered,” Pyx growls in my ear.

And that growl…

Plus the nip he gives my shoulder…

As well the weight of his arms crisscrossing my chest, holding me pressed against him, as he caresses my shoulders…

Not to mention that he’s standing behind me yet, because he so dang tall, he’s looming over me as well…

Okay. That list is getting unruly. Here’s the point: He’s a super sexy warrior who’s super at sex I’m a sucker for all that.

Oh. And also the fact that he’s willing to help me burn bread.

“Love burning bread with you, Luna,” he says, rubbing his jaw along the crown of my head and kinda mussing up my hair. But who cares? Being snuggled by him is the best freaking feeling in the world.

“Snuggle,” he rubs me more. “I thought this was a called a hug.”

“It’s more of a cuddle.”

“Ah. Outstanding.”

He cuddles me some more and it is outstanding. The most calming yet thrilling contentment is warming my insides. It feels so nice.

“This is nice.” His chin gently bumps my crown as he nods. “Snuddling with you is the best.”

“Snuggling.” Hold on. “No. Wait. Cuddling.”

“That’s what I said. Snuddling.”

“Those are two different words!” I giggle—freaking again with the giggling!

“Two words. One concept.” He squeezes me. “Snuddling.”

And—aw, heck—my chest squees with giddy joy.

Pyx snuggle-cuddles me again, but this time he’s nestling his nose in my hair. “Snuddling with you is fabulous.”

It is. It so very much is.

Then he does this kinda growl-groan in agreement while running his hands down—away from embracing my shoulders—to my waist.

“Burning bread with you is fabulous,” he moans as he sweeps his hands lower. His hands—which are powerful enough to crush rock—knead my hips with both gratifying greediness yet reverent carefulness. He pulls my backside against his erection. “This is a fabulous bunny moon, Luna.”

“Honey moon,” I manage to mumble as my shebits light up.

Sure, the the honey-bunny mixup is adorable and all, but it also ignites my tits and clit with a lusty, achy need for him. Pyx is truly a genuine, badass warrior who just so happens to be the most sweetest, affectionate guy ever. And the result of this one-in-a-billion mash-up has him naturally radiating panty-flooding sexiness like a nuclear meltdown.

If nuclear meltdowns were a natural occurrence.

Pyx moans. It could have been in courtesy appreciation of tossing him the right term. Or, you know, it could be because he likes my butt.

“I do like your butt.” Pyx groans in clear appreciation of my awesome ass. “I’ve had an outstandingly marvelous honeymoon with you and your butt, my mate.”

And, yep. He’s totally gyrating his to-die-for dick against my backside.

“All because of your fabulous.” Thrust. “Burnt” Thrust. “Bread.”

He growls lowly, and kinda thrillingly possessively, with that last thrust.

I like it.

“Fab—” I gotta swallow because my salivating tongue’s fumbling my reply. “Fabulous, huh?”

“By Aku, yes.” His hands are working my hips again with delicate care as he’s positioning me where he wants me—right where each stroke has me cursing the invention of clothing with throaty moans of frustration and resentment. “Your bread has such a fabulously strong stench. Fills up all the air and everything, which is outstanding.”

It is utterly outstanding. Here we are, seducing each another by discussing my gross—probably toxic—baking disasters while barely keeping our clothes on. No other guy—er, male in the entire universe would be doing this with me; let alone doing this with his erection getting freaking harder the more we discuss how godawful my baking smells…

Pyx makes this chiding tsking noise that I can both feel and hear as it rumbles up from his chest.

“It’s so brilliantly outstanding because it gives us privacy. And privacy, Luna—” He turns me toward his chest while gently sliding a big-ol-rock-crushing hand beneath my chin. Using such heartmelting tenderness, he gently tips my face up so that our gazes lock.

“Privacy,” he stresses the word with a greedy growl and a possessive flare in his eyes, “is freaking fabulous.”

Oh. My. Heart.

He said ‘freaking’, tempering his cussing.

For me.

I’m melting into a puddle of absolutely besotted Luna goo as Pyx dips his head down and kisses me.

I gotta add ‘Killer Kisser’ to my list of ‘Amazing Things That Pyx Does Amazingly’. 

Okay. That title is a work in progress.

But his kisses. The killer combo of his soft lips and dexterous tongue just curl my toes, liquify my bones, and crush my heart—er, my breasts.

He’s totally crushing my breasts against his plastron. Because he’s a hugger. A super hugger. A sugger.

Bam. Bam. Bam.

I startle, jerking and flinching in Pyx’s arms. All while he remains cooly calm and steady.

“It’s just Gary,” Pyx says, nipping my jawline because I’ve turned my face away.

I’ve got this uneasy inkling skittering through my brain. That, and my heart’s still pounding with the echoes of Gary’s fisting banging against the door. Thump. Thump. Thump.

I push back from Pyx. “How’d you know it’s Gary?”

Pyx shrugs as he tries to pull me closer again. “He said he’d be back.”

“He said…” I trail off because that makes no sense. I push back from Pyx again, and I gotta work really hard to ignore the impulse to runs my hands over his chest. “When did you talk to Gary?”

Seriously? When did he find the time? We’ve been stuck to one another for the past few day. I mean it. We’ve literally been stuck together because his fan-freaking-tastic dick has been constantly inside of me.

So. Yeah. That uneasy inkling that sprouted just a second ago is growing. I’m now like a bunny lifting its head to sniff the air while rotating its ears. I’m alert and listening…

I arch a brow at my mate. “When would you’ve had the time?”

Pyx’s brow ridges drop, making him look confused. “Um, when you were sleeping.”

Okay. I did sleep. Well, not true. I passed out. A lot. Because if I hadn’t, I would have probably succumbed to Death By Orgasm.

But still, this is sounding…bullcrappy. “You spoke to Gary while I was sleeping?”

“No.” Now Pyx’s looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. “I talked to Jo who talked to—”

 “You talked to Jo?” Yep. I’m calling ‘bullcrap.’ “How?”

“Using my helmet comms.”

“You shredded your helmet.” That accusation’s outta my mouth just as a certain ‘I’m-so-glad-I-haven’t-heard-from-you-in-awhile’ voice pops up inside my head.

Did he, Luna? Snips that nasty little voice. Did he really destroy his helmet?

And I don’t know the answer because I’d been too focused on getting naked.

“Fine.” I grumble. “Jo contacted you.”

“She did. Using my helmet.” And—of course—Pyx’s now eyeing me like he’s gotta catch my every reaction to each word he says. Like he’s gotta tread carefully because I am—as I inevitably always am—being an idiot. “She said she’s sending Gary with another kit of armor.”

“Another kit of armor?”

“For patrolling the settlement.”

I don’t like this.

First, my freaking rapid fire mouth is blaring all my suspicions like it’s a dang Code Red Alarm. Why can’t I just keep all this doubt to my insecure self?

But I know why. I definitely know why I’m acting like a riled, ranting ass.

Jo’s just ended my honeymoon with Pyx.

But being semi-self aware and all doesn’t mean I gotta like any of this. Especially since I can feel Joia’s fingers pinching and poking where they don’t belong.

“I don’t like it, either.” Pyx shrugs as he releases me and goes to the door. He starts ripping away the crushed metal edges of the door and jab that have served as a decent, low-tech lock for us. “If I could, I’d stay here rather than patrol.” He glances over at me and his eyes brighten with excitement. “Later, we could work on the drill together!”

We could, but I’ve lived with Jo for the past decade. I know her.

She’s up to something.

Grumbling, I shoo Pyx away from the now-irreparable door. “Step back, Pyx. You don’t want Gary to see you like this.”

Check that.

I don’t want Gary, or anyone else, to see my mate like this.

Pyx is dressed in his ‘When Hidden Within The Bale’ flow-y pants that ride so deliciously low on his hips…

Seriously. The waistband clings to that perfect spot. You know, it’s that place where his lower abs meet his hipbones and form one hell of an Akuparian Adonis belt.  His appearance is so casually comfortable yet unintentionally revealing that it’s achingly intimate.

And, apparently, my primal she-alpha-bits have pounced ahead a stage or two of our relationship—er, mateship with Pyx. We’re now at the stage where we’re so comfortable and familiar with one another that he can lounge around, half dressed with his ripped and drool-worthy torso exposed…

…While my feral, foaming-at-the-mouth she-alpha-bits prowl around him, snarling MINE. MINE. MINE.

So yeah. You better look elsewhere, Gary! This magnificent view is for my eyes only—

“Oh,” I yank the door open and there’s Gary. Blindfold on and everything. “Heya, Gary?”

“Heya, Luna.” Gary gives me a weak wave that’s not really lined up with where I’m standing. You know, due to the blindfold and all. He gestures, again off target, to a duffel at his feet. “Got something from Joia for ya. Well, for Pyx.”

“Heya, Gary!” Pyx calls out from over my shoulder. “Love the blindfold. Do you love it, too? Because it looks fabulous on you!”

I sigh.

“Well, I don’t know.” Gary exhales a deep, contemplative breath. “Never thought ’bout how’d I look with the blindfold on cuz I’d never be able to see.”

The silence that follows is…frustratingly irritating.

Gary flushing a bright red has got nothing to do with it. And I gotta add, I’ve never—in all my ten years of scurrying about Two-Four-Kay—have heard Gary use so many words at one time. Like, never ever.

Neither is it Pyx just standing there and nodding along, looking completely onboard with the logic of Gary’s statement.

It’s incredibly irritating because I know freaking better. This is all just Jo meddling. Again.

Blindfold, my ass.

“Exactly.” Gary taps at the fabric covering his eyes. “Joia said ‘cover up, Gary, cuz those two idiots won’t be covered.'”

“Jo said that.” My voice’s flat and icy. For once, I sound like a genuine badass like Rez.

Go me!

“Yessum.” Gary swallows and shifts on his feet. “Sorry ’bout repeatin’ the whole ‘two idiots’ part. I, um, I should’ve nixed that.”

“Nah.” Pyx waves Gary off. “We were naked, like, six minutes ago. I’m only wearing pants because—”

“Because,” I cut across Pyx, “I didn’t want him to get burned by the oven.”

Gary cocks his head. “Pants can do that?”

No. Pants can’t do that, Gary.

But what pants can do is help me mix and beat together enough batter, so that I can burn enough bread, to keep Joia’s Meddling Minions outta my modular. A Pantsless Warrior Hottie tends to distract me from all that baking.


My hot warrior mate, when pantsless, has kinda been distracting me.

A lot.

I sigh and my shoulders droop. This kinda feels like fail—

Ambush predation, growl my tenacious she-alpha-bits. 

Ambush preda-what now? Are you kidding? How do I even know that term? That’s just—

You know what? Sure. Whatever. This is me being an ‘ambushing predator’ as I step aside and motion for Pyx to snatch the duffle.

You know why I’m stepping aside? Because it’s the Right Next Step to take. Like Pyx’d said, we’re gonna work on the drill later. And while he’s off with Gary doing stuff, I got my own stuff to do. I’m a newly mated women who’s got determination and discipline driving me toward my goals—

Now! My she-alpha-bits shout as Pyx goes to brush past me. Ambush him!

I snatch him.

But my timing isn’t the best.

Pyx’s kinda stooped and twisted because the freaking modular door is so small. Well. Not true. It’s because he’s so amazingly huge and ripped and awesome that he’s gotta contort himself to fit through the door.  Which leaves me—being so typically me—with my face shoved up under his armpit.

And you know what? I get this fresh burst of his ‘it-makes-me-so-horny’ scent that I sigh this totally content-sounding groan. My arms squeeze, sugging their snuddlely best outta him because he’s just to dang addictive—

Uh. No. Not that. It’s totally not that.

It’s because I’m obviously so excited to have finally gotten back my focus. And it’s all thanks to the tons and tons of sex we’ve been having.

So. Yep. My razor-sharp, unshakable focus is back because I’m officially ‘mated-for-real’ mated and I’m gonna get All The Stuff done. Every last problem that I’ve not been able to tackle is gonna get the crap tackled outta it.

Seriously. Joia and everyone else will see.

I’ve got this all under control.

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As always, thank you so much for reading!

xo Bex

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    Yeah. Not the best image, is it?

    Anyway, moving on to Luna and Pyx and this so freaking fun-to-write chapter! At this point in the story, I wanted to give Luna and Pyx (and you all as well) a peek at how awesome they could be together, if only…

    Ah. The prickly If Only is back again! And it’s brought a friend. That’s nagging Inkling that Luna started to feel at the end of the chapter? Well it’s here and it’s made itself comfortable for a long and uncomfortable visit.

    Sigh. Poor Luna and Pyx!

    What’s up next?

    Our beloved characters will both be presented with their individual brushed-aside No Ways. And instead of tackling their personal issues, they give way to doubtful inklings that maybe it’s not meant to be. But, don’t fret! All of this is needed for huge and happy ending!

    For those of you keeping track of stats, the manuscript is now about 57,000 words and I’m approaching the 60% mark of the story. I’m pretty confident that there is *not* 50,000 more words to this tale (YIKES! Imagine if there were!), but I suspect that I can wrap it all up with another 30,000. Should be interesting to check back on this prediction once it’s all said and done.

    Fun times!

    Again, thank you much for reading!


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