One thought on “Slow and Steady – By a Hare – Chapter Sixteen

  1. Here we go. The last bits of Rez’s and Kin’s reservations have reared their nasty heads. Since I am huge fan of layers, I’ve tied the obstacles to Rez’s sterility (which she always wanted) to Kin’s title (which he always wanted). For a brief time, they got to have what they wanted. They got a glimpse of how good it could be. Now, they have to fight for their relationship.

    This is the fastest chapter I’ve written thus far, and it’s all thanks to the earlier chapters. Remember those chapters when I said the characters kept revealing things too soon? Well, I didn’t scrap those passages. I saved them and now here they are!

    What’s next? Rez and Kin go through their ‘break up/dark night’ then fight for their love. Good times ahead!

    As always, thank you for reading!


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