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Chapter Seventeen


We’re getting closer!

xo Bex

There Be Mature Content Here

Please be advised that the following is intended for mature readers only.

Rez stood in the cleansing stall as gloriously steaming water rained down on her.

She hadn’t had a hot shower since…

Fuck, she had no idea. The scientists had used some kinda sonic stalls and the settlement had shitty solar-powered water heaters.

Maybe when she was a child? Before the scientists took her?

But despite how marvelous the shower felt, she rushed, scrubbing roughly at her skin and hair. Hell, she was probably creating a tangled mess on her head, but screw it. She was in a hurry because she hadn’t seen Kin since that morning and…


Well, look at her. How much time had passed? A week? A bit more? It actually wasn’t that long ago that she’d stood on the roof of the municipal modular with Rogers as they’d watched Kin’s shuttle crash in Briarwood. At that time, all she could see was the opportunity to finally get months of solitude.

Now? The overwhelming urge to see Kin had her stumbling outta the lavatory, obviously failing at walking while hastily rubbing a towel over her dripping wet legs.

Her flash hairs crackled and snapped, startling her, but didn’t flare. Which was definitely new and disconcertingly weird. Because she didn’t feel alarmed but… aroused?

She glanced down at her chest. She’d just exited a steaming shower—her rose flushed skin proved it—yet her nipples were tight, aching points. Plus a hot pulse had picked up between her legs.

Yep. Aroused.

“Mate,” Kin’s voice rumbled, coming from her left.

Wide-eyed, she turned.

Saw Kin.

Her pussy clenched.

The hulking Akupara was sitting—

No. He was brazenly poised on the flat bench of a backless chair, looking like a marble statue of an ancient emperor on a curule. His feet were planted apart with his corded forearms braced on his hard thighs. His black eyes bore into her with fiery desire.

Did she mention that he was naked?

And erect?

And had the cord of the cuffs pulled taut between his tightly clenched fists?


Well, pardon the hell outta her as all her blood ran to her tits and clit.

“Heya.” Shit, her voice cracked. She cleared her throat. “Um, hey, Kin.”


But in her defense, she was outta practice with Possessive and Dominant Kin. The Kin who’d been with her the past few days was more of a Sexual Healing Kin.

Not that she had a preference, as her body was clearly demonstrating.

However, she was still caught off guard. She’d expected that when she saw Kin again, ‘The Hashing Out’ would happen. They would discuss stuff—like if he cooked, then she’d clean. Or, if he did the laundry, she’d suck him off.

You know, setting up ‘happy couple’ expectations and shit.

Instead, god bless her, they were gonna—

“Come,” Kin said.

Okay, that command was irritating because three things happened at once.

One, it pissed her off, and he knew it. Oh, she totally saw that wicked glint in his eyes.

Two, it got her even wetter, which just pissed her off even more. She’d bet he knew that as well.

Third, her legs and pussy were simultaneously tripping over one another, eagerly trying to obey his command to ‘come’. Unfortunately, her body parts were not coordinating well, at all.

So, yeah. She just ended up standing there, a discombobulated mess of heart pounding arousal and…

Okay. No ‘and’. Just stunned and aroused.

Kin chuckled, but it was darkly carnal, pairing well with the heated gaze that he caressed over her, searing her skin in its wake. Then he settled his gaze on hers, pinning her in place, as he pushed to his feet.

Every last hard inch of his frame flexed. Seriously. All near-seven-feet of him.

From the solid spread of his toes to his arching instep. Past the pop of his calves to the bulging of his thighs. Good god, his multi-pack abs rippled as he’d straightened his spine. His upper body—pecs, arms, shoulders, neck—all presented their chiseled-selves, sounding off like a military roll call.

He was the ultimate mythical telamon mash-up: Atlas and the World Turtle bearing the Earth on his back and looking damn fine while doing it.

A nasty little part of her whispered, He’s so virile.

Yes, he certainly did exude vigorous potency. It dripped from him like honey.

And its thick, golden magnificence was being wasted on her.

The flames of her desire snuffed out. Her wretched mortification pulled bile up, into her throat, and she swallowed back the taste of char.

Dropping his gaze, she clenched the sopping wet towel to her chest.

“Rez?” His fingertips brushed against her cheek.

She glanced up.

During the course of their acquaintance, Kin had pinned her numerous times with just the tilt, dip, and cock of his opaque faceplate. And now that his helmet was finally off and he was out of his shell?

The possessive intensity of his gaze turned her on more than any of the amazing things that he did to her body.

Though, don’t misunderstand. She truly had no complaints about those amazing things. Because when they would slowly work themselves into a steaming frenzy, they would come undone together. Hell, then his heated gaze would simmer into tenderness that warmed and soothed her all over.

Right now, though? He gazed down at her with such raw, heartrending concern…

It was the same look that he’d shared with her as he’d held her throughout her sobbing and raging. But she was all wrung out, and even if she wasn’t, she just didn’t want to cry anymore.

“I need to see Luna,” she blurted out as she stepped back. “I haven’t seen her in days, so…”


Yeah. She totally was. She didn’t even wait for his answer. Turning away, she rushed out of his quarters. Her head was up, but her chest was pinched so tight, she couldn’t inhale until she’d reached the empty corridor.

Dazed, she turned—in some direction—and started walking. Each step hounded her.

Coward. Coward. Coward…

Her body ached, each joint feeling swollen and stiff. Yet, she was rattled.


She was being rattled.

“So fucking sick of this shit.” That was Joia’s voice. “Snap outta it!”

Yeah. That totally was Joia, and she was pissed.

And panicking.

Rez blinked and looked about. Somehow, she ended up in Luna’s room in the medical section. Jo was gripping her shoulders and shaking her. Pyx was standing nearby, gawking in astonishment.

“We can shake them!” He cried out, utterly thrilled.

“No!” She and Jo barked together.

Pyx’s disappointed groan filled the silence as she and Jo stared, sizing each other up.

Jo cocked a brow. “You know you’re naked, right?”


“And wet,” Pyx piped in. “Just like last time.”

Jo’s brow twitched, still arched, but transitioned from scolding to curious.

“It’s just,” Rez shrugged a shoulder, “a thing Pyx and I do.”

She obviously didn’t sell her flippant ‘no biggie’ reply, because Jo’s expression softened as she tsked and gently worked the damp towel free from Rez’s grip.

Jo wrapped the towel around her. The water that soaked the linen had gone cold, and the wet chill against her skin sent a shock through her.

Good god. What-in-the-ever-living-fuck was she doing?

“Hey now,” Jo said, her tone kind, but firm. “Not here, Rez. Come on.”

Docile as a bunny, Rez let Jo turn her to usher her from the room.

Ryorin was blocking the threshold.

Like a crack of lightning, the atmosphere in the room shifted.

Joia made a low, disgusted sound in the back of her throat as Pyxis released a thunderous growl.

Ryorin, who had his flat gaze pinned on Jo, shifted his focus over Rez’s shoulder. Rez caught it as well, Pyx was lunging—

“Hoy, Fanboy!” Joia snapped, keeping her eyes on Ryorin. “Quit it.”

Pyx jerked to a stop, which only increased the tension.

Sure, he’d listened to Jo and had backed off, but his nostrils were fuming as his feral growls rumbled at an ultra low decibel. His shoulders had bulked up as well—his muscles priming for battle as they clicked his back carapace plates into place. And as he paced in the tiny space—pivoting after two stunted steps—his furious glare never shifted from Ryorin.

It was all pretty terrifying. In less than a second, Pyx had shed his puppy-ness and burst forth as a hellhound.

Rez was emotionally drained and teetering on another mental drop, but even she knew. Now was not the time to fuck with Pyx.

Apparently, Ryorin didn’t agree.

She watched him flick his gaze from Pyx back to her and Jo. Assessing.

For all the—

Was he actually thinking about taking Pyx on despite his rabid state?

“Don’t even think about it,” Rez snarled.

Jo followed fast on her heels, backing her up with the same ferocious protectiveness. “You do not wanna cross that line, Pompous.”

Ryorin snapped his gaze to Jo, his brow dipping. He opened his mouth, hesitated, then huffed out a dismissive scoff. “I have no quarrel with Pyxis the Restrained.” Then the smug ass just had to add, “At the moment.”

In unison, she and Jo exchanged beleaguered eye rolls.

“And when I do choose to quarrel,” Ryorin snipped, his chest puffing up. “I’m always victorious.”

“Whatever.” Jo jabbed her thumb over her shoulder, pointing at Pyx. “Fanboy checks all the Badass Boxes. Reconnaissance. Extraction. Assault artillery.”

“He kinda makes like a whole army.” Rez tossed in with a ‘you’re screwed’ shrug.

Ryorin scoffed. “Without a commanding officer?”

“Who needs one of those?” Rez shot back.

He squinted his eyes and said flatly, “An army. An army needs one of the those.”

Hell, she’d rather be dealing with Kin’s sucky mom than this shitbag. Ryorin was just so…jack-ass-holelistic…

“You got two seconds, Pompous,” Jo said, again using her thumb, pointing to Pyx over her shoulder, “before I let Fanboy off the leash.”

Ryorin heaved, then pressed his lips into a firm line.

“One,” Jo snapped.

“I’m here to parlay,” Ryorin gritted out.

“Like hell you are. Emys and Kin aren’t here.” Jo scoffed, sounding amused. “And I know Fanboy ain’t in no mood to talk.”

Rez blinked. She had no idea what those two were talking about. And it was obvious that Jo and Ryorin were picking up some past conversation that she’d missed.

Ryorin shifted, turning more toward Jo. “I’m here to parlay—”

Jo cut him off. “Repeating it ain’t gonna make it true—”

“With you!” Ryorin snapped his mouth shut, as if his harsh tone had surprised him as well.


Jo shoved Ryorin, whose eyes shot wide open as he backpedaled out of the room.

No. Jo didn’t have super strength. Just limited bursts of speed paired with limitless intelligence.

Ryorin had backed himself outta the way because—based on his stunned expression—the conceited clown must have thought himself untouchable.


Rez stumbled after Jo. One hand held her towel closed while Jo firmly grasped the other and pulled her forward.

As Jo stormed past Ryorin, Rez caught the look on his face. Flabbergasted. Amazed. Then, either unaware that Rez was looking or not giving a shit, his lips curled. She knew that smile.


Well, that wouldn’t end well for him.

And Jo—as if proving Rez’s point—called over her shoulder. “Stay with Baby Bunny, Fanboy. Let me know if Pompous gives you any shit.”

Yeah. Ryorin might as well flay himself now and get it over with on his own terms.

“And you!” Jo snapped.

Rez gasped, “Me?”

“Yes, you.” Jo kept pulling her along. “When I said ‘I’m sick of this shit’ I fucking meant it.” She grated out each word. “I’m so fucking over all this fucking shit.”

“Shit?” Rez huffed, trying to shake off the hurt. “So my issues are shit?”

“Not the issues. It’s your frustratingly fragile feelings, Rez.” Then Jo muttered. “You’re both badass babies.”

Babies. That hit her hard.

“Oh, just stop.” Jo spun toward her. “I’d rather you punch me than expect me to pity you. Because I’ll never pity you, Delorez.”

Stunned, Rez stared at Joia but felt like she was looking at a stranger.

Jo’s expression went flat. “I hear everything.” When Rez didn’t respond, Jo lowered her tone. “I heard your screaming for years.”

Oh. That. Because Jo did hear everything, and that included what the scientists had done to her.

Rez went to drag in a breath, but her lungs seized.

“Jo,” she wheezed out.

Jo frowned and shook her head. “No pity, Rez. And you know what? Meat Suit doesn’t pity you, either.”

Rez open her mouth to reply.

“If you think he does,” Jo jutted her chin, gesturing behind Rez. “Then you’re lying to yourself. He understands your pain because it’s his pain too.”

Unbalanced—hell, Jo was coming at her so damn hard—she turned to look where Jo had gestured.

Kin’s closed door.

Jo brought her back…

…because she was sick of all this shit.

With her feelings a mixed riot of hot indignation and wounded betrayal, she turned back to Jo.

“Stop running, Rez,” Jo said, her expression and tone transforming into heartfelt pleading. “There isn’t some fairy tale finish line out there where everything will be okay on the other side.”

“And on the other side of this door?”

Goddamn her impulsive idiocy.

The second those cruelly sarcastic words left her mouth, she regretted them. The echo of them curdled in her stomach like sour milk, then hardened like cement.

“Shit,” she hissed. She turned back to Jo. Her heart pounded in her chest as mortification burned her face. “I didn’t—”

But Jo was already gone. She must have used her bit of speed to dash off, probably thinking Rez was a stupid ass and a hopeless cause.

Well, Rez did know what was on the other side of that door.

Shelter. Acceptance. Love.

A mate who would reduce her enemies to gristle and pulp.

To think, she had been running away from this. From him.

Rez approached the door with slow and steady steps. The smooth material parted. Looking down at the threshold—a faint line on the floor—she crossed over.

Seeing Kin, she jerked to a stop and gaped. “Are you sniffing the sheets?”

Kinixys froze with the bed sheet pressed to his face. His mate’s shrilled astonishment echoed in the room.

Are you sniffing the sheets?

He had several answers available, and they all were based on the emotions running wildly through him. Frustration. Rejection. Failure. Hopelessness. Desperation.

But, he didn’t want to aim any of those bitter feelings at Rez, so he decided on the truth. “The smell of your arousal calms me.”

He counted five steady beats of his heart before he heard Rez huff.

“Right,” she mumbled.

He hadn’t turned to face her, so he had no clue what her expression might’ve revealed. But he could hear well enough. Her dismissive tone said that he was an idiot with a fetish for mysophilia.

To be fair, both were true—his idiocy and his sexual obsession—and therefore, both compounded his current problems.

First he was, without a doubt, a conceited, idiotic asshole. His decision to let his mating instincts run rampant as he pursued Rez—confident that he could deftly handle any complications—had mired him neck deep in an unforeseen snafu.

See, even though he’d mated Rez, his control over his composure had not returned. Mating wasn’t an itch needing to be scratched. If anything, his obsession with her had gotten worse. She had become everything to him.

When she’d fled—naked and dripping a river of water in her wake—his body and mind had been rabidly livid that he wasn’t barreling through his quarters’ door—fuck waiting for it to open—and hunting down his distraught mate.

Instead, he’d held back because…

Well, he knew his mate well. Or rather, he read his mate well.

Her bristled response to his sternly ordered ‘come’—ordered because he was so desperate to have her that he didn’t trust himself not to brutishly take her—was so grumpily sweet that his heart had swelled with affection, arousal, and possession.

His Rez. She never took shit from anyone. Even him.

By Aku, her grit had turned him on so hard that she’d nearly brought him to his knees. When he’d stood, if she hadn’t looked so forlorn, he would’ve sunk down before her and worshipped her for days.

But she’d run from him. And the distressed look on her face—something that he’d caused—trapped him in his quarters, hounding him with the heavenly scent of their desire. He’d been greedily dragging their combined essence into himself—billowing his lungs until they’d threatened to burst—fearing that once it faded, he would never experience it again. That he would never have his mate again.

Which also neatly tied to Rez’s unspoken assessment that he was an idiot with a kink for sniffing anything coated in her natural lubricants.

As a mated Akupara, providing her with sexual release—and ravenously reaping the rewards—had become his sole mission in life. Therefore, he most certainly would be obsessed with the scent and taste of her desire. Whether gushing from her slit or dried on the sheets, he craved the essence of her pleasure.

Even while she’d been away, burying his face in their sex-scented sheets had sustained his erection for her. He would gain no pleasure on his own. And yes, he was speaking of masturbation. The act would have given him physical release, but it wouldn’t have appeased his hunger for Rez.

“Listen, Kin.”

He stifled a grimace. Of course, she would break the thick silence between them with her aggravating ‘Listen, Kin.’

Every time she would say those words, she would be beating a retreat—either backpedaling from their pull to one another or tossing out a distraction.

“I am listening,” he said as he flung the sheets onto the bed and turned to her. “I am always listening, my mate.”

With a cautious look on her face, she leaned back. “Good, cuz this is important.”

He raked his eyes over her, taking in her damp, tangled hair and her white knuckles as she gripped the knot of the towel by her breasts.

Rez eyed him. “I’m a selfish and broken, Kin.”

All right. He had no idea where this conversation was going. So, praise Aku that she barreled forward and hopefully he would catch up.

“I can’t give you hatchings,” she said frankly. His heart started to break anew for her as his rebuttal surged forth, but then she pinned him with a vicious glare. “But I can’t give you up, either.”

His heart now battered against his ribs, striking over and over. Hope. Hope. Hope.

His voice grated out of him. “Rez?”

She dropped her gaze, losing her confidence for a heart-pounding second.

He heard her mumble, “Done running.”

Then she looked at him and squared her shoulders.

“You’re mine, Kin,” she said firmly.

Of course he was fucking hers.

She jabbed a finger at him. “Exactly.”

Oh, he must’ve said that out loud.

“And,” she continued. “I’m yours. That doesn’t mean oneway ownership, because if it does, I will rip your balls off.”

Needing clarification, he opened his mouth to speak, but she cut him off.

“Also!” She pointed at him again. “You do all the cooking, cuz I suck at that. Use the food replicator if you want. I don’t care. Just tell me what I have to clean.”

Very well. He failed to see the need to negotiate that point. He’d been preparing his own meals for years. Providing for one more—especially one as tiny as Rez—would be no burden.

Again, he tried to speak.

“Finally!” She repeated her finger-jab at him. “I hate doing laundry. I don’t think your dick will choke me, so there’s that offer on the table.”

That was an offer for…?

Truly, he had no clue.

“But I have no idea how I’ll earn my keep.” Based on her distressed expression, he knew this concerned her. “I was a runner for Two-Four-Kay, and I don’t know if the Bale will…”

She trailed off and shrugged. Only, this shrug was her insecure ‘what now’ shrug. As opposed to her dismissive ‘who cares’ shrug versus her belligerent ‘fuck you’ shrug.

His mate had a well-honed arsenal of deeply meaningful shrugs.

Though, she wasn’t the only one concerned about livelihood. After tomorrow morning, he would also be eager to know his status. That was, if the Umara would welcome his continued service.

But, that worry could keep until tomorrow. More pressingly…

“What are balls?” he asked. “And a dick. What is that?”

Rez looked stumped, then she gestured to him as she narrowed her eyes on his erection. Which only caused her to look stumped all over again.

Her brow wrinkled in confusion. “Where the hell are your balls, Kin?”

“Balls?” he echoed.

She fluttered her fingers toward his cock. “Your sperm sacks?”

Glancing down at himself, he didn’t see any cause for alarm. His cock was fully engorged and weeping a bit of pre-cum now that his mate was favoring it with attention.

But his ‘sperm sacks’—aka his testes—were where they should be.

“Inside me,” he said, glancing up at her. “Where else would they be?”

“Just, all those times and I never noticed…” She shook her head and took a step toward him.

That look on her face—dazed with growing lust—pulled him taut. As if she tugged on a cord, he stood straighter, presenting himself for her inspection.

“I mean,” her eyes were locked on his cock. “I must’ve spent too much time tied up. Not enough hands-on experience with…”

She licked her lips and stepped closer.

Could he bear her hands on him? Now? In his current state?

No. Hell no.

Within two strides he had his palm cradling her cheeks, tilting her face up. “Rez?”

Just her name, nothing more. But she gave him the answer he longed to hear.

“No more running, Kin,” she said as she reached up, then hesitated. “That is…if you want me… as-is.”

“Yes. By Aku, yes.” The answer shot out of him. But he still saw her uncertainty. “You’re perfect, just as you are, mate.”

Rez blinked and relief flooded her expression and tone. “Thank god.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up, pressing her lips to his. The taste of her on his tongue exploded with fresh and vibrant flavors.

No use fighting it. He would always crave her.

Ripping her wet towel away, he gripped her phenomenal ass in both hands and hoisted her up. He strode to the bench. Dropping down onto the seat, he steadied Rez in his lap, palming her lower back with one hand. Using his other hand, he groped about the floor, seeking the cuffs.

Although he’d broken their kiss, Rez tenaciously sucked and nibbled on his neck as she writhed in his lap. Her hot core toyed with his cock, sweeping back and forth over his tip, painting him in her slick arousal.

“God, Kin.” Her heavy pants had him groaning in need. “Get inside me.”

And he would. He most certainly fucking would. Once he—

His fingertips brushed against the cuffs and he lurched forward to snag them. The move drove his hips up, sliding his cock inside of her.

“Fuck,” Kin groaned in pain-laced rapture.

The slick of her arousal had only eased his penetration so much. Her eager core had clasped onto his cock so tight, enveloping him in luscious bliss, that his hips reflexively pumped, thrusting him into her farther.

Rez moaned—so damn filthily and beautifully—as she melted in his arms. Her head dropped to his chest as he felt her body relaxing.

His primal maleness roared in pride and approval. Look at his mate. She was so trusting that she overrode her own entrenched guardedness and willingly softened in submission, giving herself over to him.

How did he reward her precious confidence in him? By lifting her off his lap.

She gasped in shock. “Kin—”

He silenced her protest by turning her, then sinking her back down on his cock again—her back pressed to his chest.

She hadn’t gone stiff—since he was able to cuff her wrists and gently guide her bound hands up and over his head—but she was no longer mindlessly pliant either.

“Kin?” She sounded intrigued, not startled.

Very well. He would admit that he hadn’t conveyed his plan.

“Hard, fast, with you on top,” he rumbled softly into her ear as he opened his legs.

Since Rez was straddling his thighs, he spread her wide open as well.

Using their height discrepancy to his advantage, he raked his gaze down her body. With her hands grasping the back of his neck, she’d arched her spine, thrusting her chest out.

“Trussed up. Spread wide.” He breathed hotly into her neck as his hungry hands traveled from her hips over her belly and continued down. “You take my cock so well.”

Using the rough pads of his fingers, he explored where their bodies were joined, teasingly brushing her slick, swollen clit.

Rez moaned, her head dropping back to loll against his chest. “Love it when he calls his dick his cock.”

He let his amused chuckle rumble up from his chest. “And I love it when you always babble your thoughts out loud.”

“You said out—”

He brushed his fingertip over her sensitive spot again, feeling so pleased that she moaned and rocked her hips. “It’s always been a cock.”

“Humans,” she panted out through his caresses, “call it a dick.”

Her rally impressed him, but that human term did not.

“Cock,” he said firmly as he pumped up into her and stilled.

Her breasts—the nipples deliciously peaked—rose and fell as she started to rock her hips. Ah, his mate was so sweetly stubborn, doing nothing but teasing them both as she strove to prove her point.

Her resistance lasted less than a heart beat.

“Fine.” She groaned in irritation and impatience. “Cock it is.”

He hummed in agreement. Of course it would be.

But Rez, being wonderfully obstinate and persistent, increased the pace of her hips. “Kin.”

His name had been part shameless plea, part adorably frustrated command.

“Sea cave,” he grated out, because yes. Her undulating hips were killing him with their sexy pseudo-strokes. “Remember? The terms?”

She made human sound of agreement.

“Uh huh.” She nodded in short, quick bobs. “Terms. Not a lap dancer.”


He moved his hands to her thighs and ran his palms to her knees, pausing to stroke his thumbs along a sensitive spot and coaxing a gratifying whimper from her. Then he continued on, circling and engulfing her calves in his grip so that his palms cradled her shins. 

Giving her legs a squeeze, he groaned into her neck between sucking and nipping her skin, “Ride me.”


He dismissed her whimpering protest.

True, bound like this, he knew that she lacked the leverage to move. Her hold on his neck would do nothing for her. She possessed average upper body strength. Her vicious little punches were driven by velocity, not force. Spread and trussed as he had her, she would be dependent on his grip on her shins and calves, pushing against his hold to lift and lower herself.

However, Rez had the most fabulous legs that he’d ever seen. With the strength in them—no matter the position—she could easily take control, making him a willing prop as she chased her own pleasure.

“Hard, fast, with you on top.” He squeezed her legs again in encouragement. “I am waiting, my mate.”

She swore, cursing him to hell and back, as she adjusted her grip on the back of his neck. He felt her readying herself—tightening the muscles in her arms, core, and legs—as if she’d stepped up to a starting line.

She pushed up with her thighs, and the momentum smoothly transferred, sensually rippling through her body. It rolled her hips, arched her spine, and lifted her breasts. At the crest of her rise, her head fell back to his chest, exposing the column of her throat. Her lips parted as she released a sultry groan that shot straight to his cock.

Fuck him. That wasn’t even a full bounce and he was going to come.

Rez, as if she knew how unhinged he’d become, didn’t lower herself slowly. Instead, she reversed her momentum and plunged down onto him. She engulfed him in bliss that seared through his entire body.

Then she did it again. Lifting herself up, she rolled like wave and crashed into him over and over.

By Aku, he bellowed like a wild beast as he grasped hold of her hips and shot to his feet.

Pivoting about, he sank to his knees and hotly ordered, “Elbows. On the bench. Hold tight.”

Rez didn’t hesitate. She planted her elbows on the seat, then reached out, flattening her forearms against the padding, and gripped the back edge of the bench.

On her knees with her ass pressing against his hips, she looked over her shoulder at him. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were glazed over with passion. Yet, she was seeking his approval.

Praise Aku, his mate knew exactly what he wanted. What he needed.

“Good mate,” he said in a deep, carnal growl of praise.

Snaking his arm low around her pelvis, he held her weight on his forearm and firmly grasped her hip. Reaching forward with his other hand, he gripped the edge of bench. And hell, the sight of her small, bound hands next to his had him growling in feral satisfaction.

Bracing his arms, he stroked into her with measured snaps of his hips. As always, he would take care with her, so he gauged how well his bracketing hold absorbed the power of his thrusts.

Based on Rez’s ravenous moans, she agreed with his assessment. Each pump into her snug lusciousness had been glorious. Within a handful of greedy pumps, he’d progressed from smooth strokes to firm thrusts.

Rez dropped her forehead to the bench and rambled, “Good. Good. So good.”

“Good mate,” he stressed as he flexed his muscles, re-enforced his buffering hold. “Perfect mate.”

Tomorrow, when his disgraceful trial would begin and he would be Kinixys the Last one final time, he would need to remember that this would be waiting for him.

His unbelievable, absolutely perfect mate.

Bending down and covering her back, he bathed her nape in hungry, open mouthed kisses. “So fucking perfect.”

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As always, thank you so much for reading!

xo Bex

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From Slow & Steady: By a Hare
Copyright © 2020 by Bex McLynn
All rights reserved

3 thoughts on “Slow and Steady – By a Hare – Chapter Seventeen

  1. We are nearing the end of Rez and Kin’s story. This chapter is a modified version of the ‘dark night’ where the characters experience what life is like without one another. I kept it brief. Like, *maybe* half-an-hour brief. In my defense, Rez thought a ten-hour courtship was ‘like, forever, right?’ So, let’s all just go with it…

    Okay. Moving on.

    Although this scene resolved some of their problems (mostly Rez’s uncertainty), there are still lingering issues (namely Kin’s title). That means that the next chapter will be… The Climax!

    And, believe it or not, I have options regarding how I can tie this all up into a neat bow. I’m 99.9% certain I’ll write Option A, but Options B and C are really intriguing. When this is all over, I’ll be sure to address these options in a blog post, and we can all marvel (or shake our heads) over which option appears in the story.

    So, until then, thank you so much for reading!❤️


  2. Loved it!! Just caught up on it all! I love that he feels the need to tie her up, like she is going slip away from him. Or is it that he cannot handle her touching him, like it would be too overwhelming? Is it a mating ritual of his species? It’s very intriguing to me because they seem to live in a matriarchal society. I like the twist and I can’t wait for the climax I have other questions but can save it for the end when you host a Q&A on your blog. Well done!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer! And yes, Kin ties her up for both those reasons–to restrain himself and to keep her close. It is not a mating ritual, but just another way that Kin, despite his title, is not the ideal Akupara. You have some awesome insight into the story! I am so glad that you’re enjoying it!


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