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Chapter Nineteen


Finally! Their Happily Ever After is here!

xo Bex

There Be Mature Content Here

Please be advised that the following is intended for mature readers only.

Rez scowled and jabbed a finger Emys. “When I said ‘kick his ass’, I didn’t mean it literally!”

On the other side of Kin’s med-chamber, Emys stood with her arm in a sling. “It was a challenge.”

Yeah. Rez heard Emys’s tone loud and clear. The woman spoke to her like she was speaking to an idiot. Which, Rez probably was. She just never thought that Kin and Emys would go at one another so…viciously.

Then again, Kin and Emys were siblings. It had probably been more of a grudge match than a title challenge.

Speaking of grudges…

Rez gestured with her chin to the med-chamber. “You know, it should be Ryorin in here. Not Kin.”

Not that much time had passed since the hours-long challenge—seriously, Kin and Emys grappled and tore into one another for four or five hours—had ended. Rez hadn’t seen Pompous’s sorry ass at all. But she hadn’t been looking for him either. Which was a good thing, because if she saw him, she would totally throat punch him.

Emys shrugged her good shoulder. “If not Ryorin, then it would have been some other challenger.”

“You don’t feel betrayed?” Because Rez would be juggling Ryorin’s balls right now if he’d been her suitor. “Ryorin crossed the line.”

Emys kept her eyes on Kin’s med-chamber. “Yes, he did.”

God, Emys sounded…proud of her dumbass suitor. “You want him back?”


Rez hated how she still didn’t fully understand what the hell had just happened. The best that she could piece together: Emys was now reigning Badass Supreme as the newly minted Last. Which meant that the Umara got to keep their impoverished prestige. It also meant, fuck Ryorin, because a new line-up of suitors would be arriving on Warren’s any day now.

As for Kin… That bit she was struggling to figure out.

“You have questions, Rez,” Emys said, rather than asked.

It was that obvious, wasn’t it? God, the absolutely baffled expression that must be on her face.

Rez shook her head. “Did any of this ever have to do with Kin mating another highness from another Bale?”

“It was never my intention for Kinixys to enter an arranged mating.” Emys gently placed her hand on the med-chamber. “He sacrificed much to be the Last. I couldn’t bear to watch him sacrifice anything more.”

“Anything more?”

“His heart. He’s never wanted any of the highnesses that had courted him.”

Kin was courted?

Rez shook her head in self-disgust. What was she thinking? Of course, he was courted. Kin was, until mere hours ago, the Akupara’s Most Eligible Hottie, plus a bonafide Badass Last.

Emys broke into her thoughts. “He’s only ever wanted you.”

Thinking of those other women chasing after Kin filled her with irritation. And yeah, a bit of jealousy, too. She was also feeling smug as hell, because ultimately, Kin had chosen her.

What was really awesome? She had all those feelings, yet not one shred of doubt. Go her!

But still, she was curious. “How do you know?”

Emys speared her with a pointed look. “Because I know my sibling well.”

That answer was a bit ominous, but whatever.

“If you know him so well,” she jutted her chin at the med-chamber, “how much longer is he gonna be in this thing?”

Emys gave her a small smile. “Worry not, Rez. I’ll make sure you know when he’s awake.”

“You will?” Rez critically eyed Emys and her injuries. “Cuz shouldn’t you be in one of these things?”

“We only have the two,” she shrugged, “since Kinixys destroyed one in a fit. For you.”

For her. Yeah. He did, didn’t he?

“Well, in my experience,” Rez said, trying to hide how thrilled she felt because Kin really could be such a sweetie, “these premium med-chambers are crap. Every time I woke up—”

Wait a second.

These were premium med-chambers that had purged most of the Kletka’s drugs from her system, and then managed to repair massive damage done to her body by a pulse blast, and yet…


That little liar.

“Luna lied?” Emys sounded perplexed. “About what?”

Yeah, yeah. She’d spoken her suspicion out loud, but she didn’t stay to explain herself. Instead, she sped next door, where Luna had been in a med-chamber since the Akupara rescued Two-Four-Kay.

Jo and Pyx were sitting side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder, on the floor.

“Premium med-chamber my ass,” Rez hissed as she yanked open the lid.

“Delorez!” Jo called behind her, zipping up to her.

But Jo didn’t move fast enough, giving her time to pinch and twist the flesh on Luna’s arm.

Luna jerked and pulled away.

“God!” Luna’s voice croaked out, rusty from lack of use. “You’re so mean, Delorez!”

Rez glared at Luna, while Luna glared back. Jo stood there, mouth open and eyes wide.

Pyx, gasping in delight, broke the silence. “We can pinch—”

“No!” Rez and Jo shouted.

Jo spun back to the med-chamber and gave Luna a halfhearted shove. “Dammit, Baby Bunny! What the fuck? Why were you unconscious for so long?”

Luna’s scowl morphed into wariness and guilt. “Dosed myself with their tranqs.”

“You did what?” Rez asked, horrified.

God, she despised the Kletka’s drugs and Luna had been taking them willingly?

“If I was unconscious, then I couldn’t give them any information about anybody.” Luna darted her earnest gaze between her and Jo, silently pleading that they understand. “And especially not about the two of you.”

Jo tsked gently. “Oh, Baby Bunny. We knew the Kletka were after all three of us. Taking over the settlement was a trap and you were the bait.”

Luna looked confused for a moment, then her shoulders drooped. “Oh. I guess that makes sense.”

Rez and Jo shared a look. Of course, while the Kletka were in Two-Four-Kay, Luna would have been too preoccupied with so much else. She’d been running food and supplies to the Kletka’s human prisoners, and had probably tried to take care of the sick miners as well.

But that still didn’t explain why Luna was hiding inside a med-chamber for days on end. And it sure as hell didn’t explain one other heartbreakingly important thing.

She must have been staring at Luna too intently, because her friend leaned away from her.

Luna frowned. “What, Delorez?”

No reason to peel the bandage slowly, was there? “I’m sterile, Luna.”

Luna paled, then she slid out of the med-chamber, on the opposite side of her and Jo, and shook her head. Her eyes were filled with panic.

Immediately, Rez knew. This was why—when the scientists’ barge had crashed on Warren’s and Rez had spent days under Luna’s care—it didn’t make sense that Luna, of all people, hadn’t told her that she’d been sterilized.

Because Luna had done this to her.

Jo hissed a curse. “What about me? Am I sterile, too?”

Luna trembled. “I… I thought it…”

“Right.” Jo hopped up onto the med-chamber. “Let’s find out. Fanboy! Fire this thing up.”

“That’s not what a med-chamber does.” Pyx moved closer with a thrilled look on his face. “To fire stuff up, we’d need to go to the armory—”

With a heaving sigh, Luna straightened her shoulders and walked over to Pyx. She reached for him with both hands.

“Oh, a hug?” The Akupara’s eyes widened as Luna’s fingertips brushed his neck. “I’ve always wan—”

He collapsed to the floor.

Rez glanced over to Jo, noting that they shared the same bland expression. They’d both seen Luna take down dozens of people with her ‘ability’. Her touch could harm or heal.

Or, as Luna had personally perfected, the loss of consciousness.

Jo hopped out of the med-chamber. “Explain yourself, Baby Bunny.”

Luna’s eyes watered. “When the crash landing almost killed Rez….” She shrugged. “I thought, enough was enough. When I put her back together, I just—”

“I’m missing pieces?” Rez shrilled, pressing her palm to her belly. “Is my uterus even in there?”

“Ovaries.” Luna winced. “I removed your ovaries.”

The fucking irony. Wasn’t she done with Cosmic Payback?

She huffed a dry laugh. “I literally have no eggs.”

Anger, sadness, and disappointment moved through her. She’d obviously been sterilized without her permission, she just never thought it would have been done by a friend.

“But I can put them back,” Luna said quickly. “Yours too, Jo. If you want.”

“Luna,” Jo said sadly as she shook her head.

“It’s just that, you heard them, Jo.” Trembling, Luna darted her gaze between she and Jo. “You, too, Rez. They were gonna try breeding us. That’s why you took out the barge’s engines. Because we all agreed that we’d rather die than…”

Fuck. She really couldn’t blame Luna. Well, she could be disappointed, but the anger that she’d felt had already passed.

The truth was, if Luna had discussed the procedure with her, Rez would have agreed to do it. No questions. No waiting. Done.

“But we didn’t know we were over Warren’s,” Rez said, softening her gaze as she looked at Luna. “When we broke outta our cells, we didn’t know we’d live.”

Luna sniffled, wiping at her red nose with the back of her hand. “I can reverse it.”

Again, Rez and Jo shared a look.

Good god, if the scientists had known the extent of Luna’s ability, ‘breedable’ or not, they would never have let her go.

Just like if they’d realized that Rez could move faster than disintegrating antimatter arcs, avoiding them as she demolished the engines of the scientists barge.

But, did she want Luna to reverse it? The Kletka had found them on Warren’s once. And if the Umara shut Kin out or refused to protect their children…

Then there were the secrets that she, Jo and Luna still kept. The Akupara didn’t know everything. Not yet.

Rez cleared her throat. “If you restore my fertility, then the Akupara will know—”

“They already know,” Jo cut her off. “Why do you think Emys the Emotionless stormed onto the field and challenged her brother?”

She stared at Jo, her mind blank, and blinked. “Um, to make him happy?”

Jo scoffed and jutted her chin at Luna. “To see if Baby Bunny here could fix her fertility too.”

Right. Emys’s fertility. Because the Akupara needed female egg donors from other species. So Jo dangled something before Emys that was more important than a title.

Hell, it was more important than Kin’s honor.

Yet, Jo had found a way to tie all those things together. Emys had honorably kicked her brother’s ass, and now the Umara had the first highness who might not require an egg donor.

And if Kin really did give it his all against Emys and still lost the challenge, then the Umara’s fertile highness would also be The Last of the Bale.


“Well, then.” She blew out a shaky breath. Kin’s position amongst the Umara was pretty damn solid. “If Emys knows—”

“And I know,” Pyx groaned as he groggily rose up onto his elbows. “Heard it all.”

“Right, Fanboy,” Jo said as she lightly toed Pyx’s arm. “Bet you were all ears.”

“Totally was. Hatchlings for everybody. And this means that Kinixys will be the last to know.” He canted his head and raised his brows. “The Last to Know…”

When no one laughed, he huffed and looked down at his lap. “Why am I on the floor? And… did I cum on myself?”

“Side effect,” Luna cringed. “Sorry.”

“Oh,” Pyx nodded at his soaked crotch. “Fabulous.”

Rez was walking out of Kin’s lavatory, a freshly laundered mound of sheets in her arms, when her flash hairs tingled in warning.

First of all, she was so not in the mood for this shit. Whatever this shit turned out to be.

And second, with the stupid sheets blocking her view of the room, she had zero idea what this shit actually was. Kin’s mom? Asshole Ryorin? Some random Kletka?

But you know what? Fuck this shit.

Releasing the laundry, she burst into motion, racing toward and reaching the door to Kin’s quarters before the sheets hit the floor.

But, just her luck, the door didn’t open. She managed to slap her palms to the sleek surface, catching herself before plowing facefirst into wall.

She curled her hands into fists, but a hard body blocked her escape and strong hands snatched her wrists.

“Mate,” Kin rumbled, his mouth against her ear as he pressed her against wall.

And yes, that was his erection prodding her lower back.

“Fuck, Kin!” She rested her forehead against the cool wall as her heart continued to batter her ribs and her hairs tingled. “Emys was supposed to get me when you woke—”

He nipped her neck and—oh the dirty cheater—she moaned and greedily pushed her backside into his thighs. During Kin’s ‘sexing her sane’ episode, they’d discovered many erogenous zones on each other’s bodies.

“Listen, my mate,” he spoke huskily into her ear.

She was listening.

Well, she was trying to listen. But after Kin gave that command, he’d transferred his hold on her wrists into one hand. With his free hand, he cradled her lower belly and lifted her. Her toes brushed against floor as he raised her to the perfect height for grinding himself against her bottom.

They both moaned, their pleasure mixed with frustration, because they both wore pants.

God, she hated pants.

“So do I,” Kin groaned, then stripped hers off with his tantalizing ‘just tie her up and take her’ quickness.

He must have shucked his own pants as well, because when he palmed her belly and lifted her again, his hard thickness slid between her legs, teasing her as he coated himself in her arousal.

“Are you listening now, mate?”

She whined and couldn’t care less about how needy she sounded. Her pride wouldn’t give her mind blowing orgasms.

“Yes. Listening. Talk. Please—” he stroked against her swollen and slippery clit and her voice cracked as she babbled, “Ohshitjusttalk.”

With a pleased groan, he rewarded her with one more slow stroke along her clit, then lowered her back to the floor. Fully embracing her ‘no shame’ stance, she whimpered as she tried to get her ass back up there.

Kin’s deep, carnal chuckle filled his quarters, heating her blood. God, any second now he would give in. Just grip her hips and haul her ass back—

A sharp, fleshy crack rang out in the room.

Rez froze as the stinging sensation registered.

Eyes bulging, she shrieked in astonishment, “Did you just smack my ass!”

“Spanked,” he growl as he rubbed her stinging butt cheek. “And?”

She knew a probing question when she heard one. “I’m thinking about it.”

“You are?”

“Yes.” Because it wasn’t horrible. Shocking, but not painful. But it also did nothing for her.

However—and this was a huge however—his growl definitely got her attention and ratcheted up her arousal. That sound he made…

…so possessive and enthralled…

Seriously, how could she deny him the privilege of painting her tush with his palm prints when he obviously appreciated it to the point of rapture?

But, you know, new sexual kink territory and all. Baby steps.

She stubbornly stared at the wall. “How about I get back to you?”

His reply was to groan as he palmed her ass some more. And that smug jerk wasn’t voicing his disappointment, but instead he’d rumbled in a tone that called her bluff while promising to revisit the matter with her. Definitely sooner rather than later.

Yep. Kin put all that into his sexy groan that had a delicious shiver working over her body while heating up her insides.

There would be some butt smacking in her future.

“Spanking,” he rumbled.

“Whatever.” His ability to have her rambling out loud still irked her so damn much. In that regard, yeah, she was gonna white-knuckle-grip hold onto her pride. “Same difference.”

“Despite what you just said aloud—”

She cried out in triumph and shot a victorious smile at him over her shoulder. The fact that he still held her wrists over her head and was pressing them against the wall might have dimmed her victory some.

But just a bit.

Because she’d won!

“‘Aloud’ my ass,” she jutted her chin at him. “I heard you, Kin. You said ‘out loud’ the other day while I was all trussed up in your lap. I won.”

He cocked a brow at her.

You know what, screw him and his silent challenge. She knew that she’d won.

Dismissing him with a huff, she turned her gaze back to the wall. Then she tugged on her hands—to let him know that she meant business—but he didn’t even have to reinforce his hold to keep her trapped.


“Rez,” he groaned as he crowded her against the wall and used his spanking hand to gently turn her chin to the left. “The door is over there.”

“Oh.” Dammit.

Though, to be fair, that portion of the wall looked just like this portion, which had quickly become her most favorite portion of any wall ever.

That, and she still won.

“Yes, you won,” he chuckled, as he pressed his erection into her again. “Are you finally listening, my mate.”

“Fine. Talk.”

Releasing his hold on her hands, he turned her to face him. Sliding his hands onto her cheeks, cradling her with his big palms and burying his fingertips into her hair, he simply gazed down at her.

Based on the increasing pace of his rising chest, he felt that same way that she did. Overwhelmed. Ecstatic. Horny…

“You’ve won everything, Rez.” His deep voice rumbled her chest. “My devotion, respect, and love. You’ve won it all.”

“Oh, go me,” she breathed, probably looking and sounding like a dazed idiot. “I love you, too, and we get to have babies.”

Kin stilled, going rigid in her arms. “Love?”

“Yes. I love you.” She so fucking did.

He swallowed thickly. “And babies?”

She cupped his face, just like he’d done to her so many times. “Yes, Kin. Babies. Luna can give me back my fertility—”

He dropped to his knees, gathered her into his arms, and hugged the crap out her. Yep, his face was all smashed up against her naked crotch.

It really was a tender moment. Seriously, they were both doing their badass best to not cry and shit.

Kin squeezed her tighter and mumbled, “I am not crying.”

She wiped at her own cheeks. “You totally are.”

“But not aloud.”

“Nope. Not gonna work,” she laughed, which kinda sounded like a sob. But, whatever. “I won, Kin. Race over.”

He rose up, lifting her as he stood. His cheeks were damp.

“Rez,” he said, his voice coming out deep and husky, “this stopped being a race long ago.”

“It has? Who won?” She wrapped her legs around his waist and sniffled. “Me. It was me, right?”

He chuckled at her flustered babbling as he cradling her backside with his palms. Based on the increasing pace of his billowing chest, she suspected that her burning desire for him must be heating her own gaze.

God, she loved him.

“Don’t look so glum because I won, Kin.” She cupped his face again. “You do know what this makes you, don’t you?”

He had been striding toward the bed, but stopped. Yeah, he was totally seeing sparks of mischief in her eyes. 

“No.” He gave her a curious, yet cautious side eye. “What does it make me?”

She beamed at him. “First Runner Up!”

He stared at her.


Dropped his chin and muttered, “By Aku. So many scandalous words linked so distastefully together…”

She bounced excitedly in his arms. “So, what do you think of your new title?”

He shook his head, looked up at her, and grinned. “It’s fucking perfect.”



The story is complete! I’ve enabled commenting and have added my own thoughts as well.

As always, thank you so much for reading! I had a blast!

xo Bex

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13 thoughts on “Slow and Steady – By a Hare – Chapter Nineteen

  1. And they lived happily ever after!


    Yay! We made it all the way to the end! Thank you so much for reading, everyone! I really had so much fun with Rez and Kin as well as their friends and family.

    If you’d like to read my wrap up, I’ve posted an Afterword.

    My sincere thanks to everyone who read and commented, either here on the blog or on Facebook. Your engagement meant so much to me. It kept me writing, and I thank you for that!

    I wish you all the best, and thank you so much for reading! I had a blast!❤️


  2. Bex, thank you for writing slow and steady so enjoy rez and kin story. I hope it goes to print. I would love it in my library.. Are we gonna see Jolie and lunas story too….

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  3. I enjoyed this a lot, but I’m not a good disjointed (time between chapter) reader. I need need to read this all together at least once, probablymore 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have the same challenge when reading serials. I often wait for them to be finished, then binge read them. Thanks you so much for reading, Gabriela! I’m glad that you enjoyed the story.


    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, Ana! I do plan on writing other stories for these characters, but at this time, I am not sure when I will do so. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I greatly appreciate it!


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