3 thoughts on “Slow and Steady – By a Hare – Chapter Three

  1. Lots of plot threads are in this chapter: Emys’s and Kinixys’s Mother, Emys’s courting Rez, the crashed (really attacked) shuttle, Cosmic Payback hassling Rez, Joia reading secret messages, and Luna being all wispy. I am sure you all have questions, which I admit makes me incredibly giddy. I just love laying down plot threads. Hopefully I won’t look back on this comment and think “Ah, yes. The days of my conceit and folly. Back when I was maddeningly giddy about all these effing plot threads that I now have to address…”


  2. I love all these different plot threads! It gives you so many ways to develop your story. Can’t wait to read more!

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    1. Thank you so much! Writing like this (posting as I go) is a new process for me. Usually I write the whole story and THEN weave in/better define the plot threads. I suspect I maybe adding future notes to readers, like “Let’s all pretend XYZ already happened…” 🙂


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