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Chapter Eight


Okay. Hang in there. The chapter isn’t over, but the match has been lit!

And I squeezed out a bonus scene this evening! Woot! Go me!

A third bit has been added. Getting closer…

…AND done. Enjoy!

xo Bex

There Be Mature Content Here

Please be advised that the following is intended for mature readers only.

Kin propelled himself through the choppy sea water, his eyes locked on the opening to the sea cave. He was swimming on his back with his head above the water—which wasn’t ideal—as he balanced Rez on his plastron—which was definitely in no way ideal. The Akupara were well suited to water, even wide-open seas, and here he was, floundering like a one-oar rowboat.

If this were his aquatic assessment, he never would have been awarded—

No. Fuck that title. It didn’t matter. What mattered was that he was a big enough bastard to not be battered by the waves as he transported precious cargo.

He glanced down at Rez. She was plastered to his chest, clinging to him with the blind, inconsolable panic of a non-swimmer.

Got you!” He meant for the words to be soothing, but he was forced to shout, raising his voice over the crashing waves.

No response.

He turned his attention back to the shore. Closer. The cave cut into the cliffside had to be closer than before.

He snapped his gaze back to Rez. There. She was still there. By Aku, he had to keep checking because she weighed nothing. Even with her strewn across his chest, his lungs were billowing to full capacity, fueling his muscles as he swam.

He looked back to the sea cave. Closer.

Back to Rez. Still there.

Closer. Still there. Closer. Still there.

The smooth black stones of the subterranean shallows scraped against the scutes of his carapace, running him aground. A hole in the outcropping of the cave filled the entrance with sunlight.

Immediately Rez was shoving against his hold, whimpering in her desperation. He released her, tamping back his own stunned and wounded feelings. Her panic drove her away from him. That was all.

As she crawled and stumbled through the lapping waves toward the sea cave’s sandy shore, his palm pulsed with phantom sensations. He’d swum with it flattened against her lower back to steady her. It had registered each of her full-body shudders—either due to tension or cold—through the soft pants and a sleeveless shirt given to her by the healers. If he could have given her reassuring strokes without risking her slipping from him, he would have. Both her skin and the fine hairs on her back had been so enticing.

The gagging sounds of retching had him up on his feet and lumbering onto the beach. His handwere on her, running over her limbs, seeking any signs of injuries. Last night, when he’d cradled her in his arms and raced to the Bale, Emys had led him directly to the clinic. While one medic had tended to his vision, another had healed Rez’s wounds from the tranq darts. They’d also treated bruises on her knuckles.

Relieved that he found nothing alarming, he reached for her face, wanting the comforting connection of cradling her cheeks with both hands. “You appear uninjured, Rez, the Only Runner of—”

She punched him in the throat.

He staggered back, not from the impact, but because his cock responded immediately to her proposition. By Aku, all it took was one recklessly thrown punch, and he’d hardened for her—far too crudely and quickly.

Rez.” She snarled as she pointed a warning finger at him. “Just Rez. I’m nothing but Rez.”

Bullshit.” Hell, too much of his blood and brains had rushed to prime his cock, spurring him to challenge that outrageous insult. Nothing? No. She was so much more…

No, all of this is bullshit!” She snapped back.

He ran his eyes over her. She was on her feet yet doubled over with her hands on her knees. Her chest sawed with each ragged breath that she drew through her nose. Color had come back to her face, flushing her cheeks as her eyes flared up at him with passion.

Hell, he was telling himself lies.

She glared at him with passionate hatred and disgust. “Am I a prisoner?”

He shook his head. “You are—”

Fucking ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ Kin.”

She was an honored guest of the Bale, but since she commanded him to supply a one word answer, he complied. “No.”

Unbelievable. He actually did as she bade.

She quickly flipped her hand from her knee, gesturing to their surroundings. “Where are we?”

A sea cave.”


He should have ignored his idiotic impulse, yet he’d given her that knee jerk, asinine reply anyway. Now silence filled the cave. She stared at him, punishing him with a long, chest-squeezing moment to curse his own stupidity for speaking hastily.

Finally, she arched a brow at him and huffed. “Fucking sea cave.”

Well, it was better that she mock him and break the tension between them, rather than have her glower at him with such mistrust.

Apparently, not every impulse of his was shit. Good to know.

Rez straightened her spine and pointed overhead. “That’s the Bale up there. Yes or no?”


And that’s a fucking sea. Not a goddamn shrub-steppe.”


Each answer sliced a chunk of him clean off. He’d been dreading this encounter ever since Rez had wrapped her tiny hand about his wrist. She’d intended to guide him to the Bale—all in good faith—despite his lies to her. No matter how he’d tried to course correct them, he couldn’t change their destination: that she would join the Bale.

But to what end? She would be forbidden to him as well as hate him.

Hell. He wanted to change it all.

Her voice, rising in question, pulled his attention back to her. She stood, arms spread and palms up, as if she expected a response from him.

He growled lowly, disgusted that he’d become so distracted by his wallowing and had missed her question. “What?”

Does. It. Matter?”

Does what matter?”

Now she growled, using her non-menacing roar that just tugged at him. Only this time, instead of swelling his chest with affection, it socked him in the gut. He wasn’t bantering with her in Briarwood. She was calling him out because he was an asshole who’d lied to her.

If you’re gonna toss me back in a cell,” she jabbed a finger upward, toward the Bale, “does it matter if I’m injured or not?”

He felt ill. “I’m not lying to you—”

She scoffed.

Now,” he clarified. “I’m not lying to you now. We would never harm—” Fuck that. “I would never—”

I was drugged, Kin! I can still feel the drugs!” She slapped her chest—a wet smack that echoed in the cave along with her anger and fear and helplessness.

Something in him broke as her eyes, widening again in panic, began to dart all over the cave.

I need to…” Her chest heaved as her cheeks lost their bright flare. “I need to run. I need—”

He took three of the fastest damn steps of his life, and he was there. Right there.

He cupped her face, gently guiding her gaze upward. “Do not run.”

If she ran, he couldn’t follow her. Not without breaking his oath to his Bale. He’d already been disciplined for sprinting through Briarwood as he carried her in his arms. Unconscious Outbaler or not, the High Umara had him answer for it.

Hell, he would still need to answer for his latest transgression. After he’d pummeled his fucking sibling, Pyxis, for sneaking into Rez’s chamber and frightening her, he’d chased Rez down, running full-tilt. Yes, he was inside the Bale without any fake armor on, but still…

Worth it.

Gazing into her eyes, watching a calm settle over her as he palmed her cheeks, shattered all his worries as it eased him.

Every last moment with her, they all had been worth everything.

Tell me what you need.” He’d kept his voice steady, but in truth, he was begging her.

She swallowed, and when she spoke, the sharp, frantic edge was gone from her voice. “I need the drugs gone.”

It wasn’t us.” This wasn’t information that she’d requested from him, but he needed her to know. “There were Kletka hunters. They shot you. The drugs will wear off.”

She shook her head, her cheeks rubbing against his palms and rekindling his cock. “Not fast enough. I need to…”

He shifted closer to her, his chin pressed to his own chest just to keep eye contact with her. “Whatever you need. Tell me.”

Her brow creased. “Tell you?”

As she gazed up at him, her brow creasing further, his heart beat wildly inside his chest. It gained speed, going unbelievably faster and faster.

Ah. Anticipation. That was what was happening to him.

His worst flaw had always been his own damned stubbornness. Right now his impulses, instincts, and the entirety of his extremities had all turned against him.

You know what? Never had he been so thrilled and fucking relieved to be bested.

Tell. Don’t tell.” He spoke gruffly as his arousal grew. “Or show me.”

She shifted, adjusting her balance against him. “Show you?”

He nodded. Sure. He could be flexible.

She exhaled—a long, relieved breath—and went slack in his arms. “Oh thank god.”

Then she hauled back and knuckle-jabbed him in the throat.

Rez hopped back as she brought her fists up, ready to dodge or block Kin’s retaliatory punch.

Squeezing her fists, she gauged the pain of her throbbing knuckles.

Fuck. They hurt. She’d only punched him twice—once with each hand. Hell, she really missed her re-enforced gloves.

Okay. New plan.

She would spend the next several minutes dodging anything that Kin swung at her. And if he came at her with clumsy, lumbering grapples, she could probably circle around him a dozen or so times and draw this whole thing out.

And she really needed to draw this whole thing out. Badly.

The Kletka’s drugs had hit her just like the tranqs that the scientists at the lab had used on her. At first her mind had become loopy and she’d babbled all kinds of shit—her fears, her memories, her stupid feelings.

Then, because the scientists had always dosed her like she was a damn elephant, it would take days for her body to burn through the chemicals. Upping her metabolism always got her drug-free faster.

But here in the cave? She couldn’t run. She couldn’t labor. Fighting was next on the list, and thank god, Kin looked like a brawler.

Seriously. Now that she got a good look at him outside of his body armor, she could definitely congratulate herself for being a smug smarty. Those deliciously distracting bulges and hard planes that she’d been admiring? Well, they weren’t his armor.

They were all Kin.

In the sea, then in the cave, she’d gotten a real good look at Sub-Commander Kinixys Strazar Dobar Umara, The Last.

Kin stood before her, wearing loose fitting, brown pants and a matching, sleeveless tunic. His bulking shoulders and thick, corded arms were exposed. So, yeah, she was totally right about Kin being stacked like a log cabin. And someone better take her camping or fishing or whatever people do at cabins, because then there was Kin himself, finally free of that matte, emotionless helmet.

His intense, shiny black eyes drew her in immediately.

Hell, his eyes had kept her afloat more than his body had—and she had literally used him as a personal flotation device. The whole time he had been swimming them to safety, he’d kept shifting his gaze—twisting his neck and tilting his head back to guide them to the cave. Then each time he’d turned to look back at her, his black gaze had bored into her, and she’d felt herself falling off that damn cliff all over again.

Honestly, that was probably why she’d punched him. The first time, at least. When he’d been checking her for injuries, his focused, determined gaze had suddenly gone soft on her. As he’d moved in close to cup her cheeks, he’d looked at her with tenderness and concern. That disconcerting change on his part, as well as her stupid heart—which had started thudding in her chest, making ready to metaphorically leap off that stupid cliff again

Well, anyway, she’d throat punched him, and it all had stopped.


She had the situation under control until she’d dropped her guard and panicked, all because the damn drugs still coursed through her. She’d already emotionally spewed forth her anger because Kin had lied to her about the Bale being south, near the Chaparral. She didn’t want to spill any more bruised feelings, or even worse, reveal her secrets.

But Payback was continuing to kick her in the ass whenever it could.

She’d lost her cool for five freaking seconds—which should have been a blip speeding right past Kin’s notice—yet miraculously he was there. Again, he’d cupped her cheeks with his big, calloused palms. Lord help her, he’d even shifted in so damn close that she could see that his eyes weren’t entirely black, but carried deep smokey swirls of emerald green. And his breath carried hints of fresh, minty herbs…

That second throat punch? Yeah, you gotta believe her. It was an act of desperation. It needed to be done, because her stupid tits and clit had sheriocally overcome the dual trauma of free falling and near drowning in order to celebrate all things procreational.

With Kin.

Her shero bits also reminded her, with both heavy aching and aroused tingling, that fucking was another excellent way to burn unwanted drugs from her system.

Therefore, as you could see, she had to punch Kin. Again. Because if not, she would have tackled him.

Yet somehow, now that she was facing off against him, waiting for him take a swing at her, things seemed… off?

Kin just stood there, stock still, and stared at her. The unsettling tenderness was gone, which was good. The broody intensity was back, which was even better.

Why, then, did everything seem so thrillingly tense? As if she teetered on that damn cliff for the umpteenth time, about to throw herself off, and this was her last chance to get it right.

What the hell was it with her and cliffs today?

Kin heaved a breath that expanded his chest and lifted his shoulders. He dipped his chin, his black eyes never leaving her, as he spoke in a deep, low tone. “Did you mean to do that?”


The sun from the natural skylight above lit up the warm earthy browns, deep greens, and golden bronzes that striated across his skin. “Hit me.”

Yes.” Hell, her voice cracked. She cleared her throat. “Fuck yes.”

And this is a good time?” His forearms popped as he flexed his huge, three-fingered hands.

In response, she rebalanced her stance. “Yep. Perfect time to go a few rounds.”

“A few rounds.”

She bounced on the balls of her feet and shrugged. “Sure. A few. Like four or five.”

Four or five?” He swallowed, and the jaw muscles beneath his wide, slightly beaked mouth clenched.

Yeah, at least.”

He said nothing at first, then grabbed the hem of his shirt. “Fuck ‘at least.’”

She blinked and cocked her head, uncertain. Did Kin just groan and growl at her?

I did,” he growled—while kinda groaningand tugged more roughly at his shirt.

Her heart kicked in her chest. “Did I—”

You spoke aloud.” He ripped something.


Kin pulled his shirt off and flung it away. Somewhere. Don’t ask her where. Instead, would someone—for the love of god—please, please build her cabin and a raft.

How was she not prepared for the magnificent sight of his abs? She’d been sprawled across them only minutes ago. She’d felt the mechanics of them moving, helping to power Kin though the choppy water. But, that up close and hands on experience tragically hadn’t fully registered with her.

She lowered her fists. “Kin—”

But that was all she got out.

The slowest man that she’d ever met leapt across the sands—all in the blink of an eye—and tackled her.

Kin pounced and wrapped his arms around Rez. Her yelp of surprise echoed in the cave as he cradled the back of her head. He twisted them as they fell, shielding her from the jarring impact. Together they hit the sand. As they lay there—their limbs tangled up in one another—heated desire seared through him.

Kin groaned long, low, and full of self-satisfaction. He fucking knew it.

She was so incredibly tackle-able.

Kin,” she gasped, her eyes bright and cheeks flushed. “Good god! You’re fast! Like really fucking fast!”

Actually, he was an idiot. For days his impulses and instincts had been harassing him, herding him into this very moment. And like a stubborn ass, he’d resisted. He’d held back. He’d restrained himself.

Not any more. He now unleashed the worst of himself.

Brash and brutish. Impatient and demanding. Riled and fixated.

Rolling, he pinned her under him. Aku help him, she was such a tiny thing. She lacked the molded scutes of a female Akupara. When pressed chest-to-chest, the male’s and female’s plastrons would come together in a resounding knock. His people didn’t mate in this position—with the male on top, but face-to-face presentation was the important first step to initiate sexual intercourse.

Bracing himself on his knees and elbows, yet making certain to keep her caged beneath him, he gently cupped her cheeks.

The intimate gesture of holding her face should have been enough to begin—if she responded accordingly by striking him in return. Hopefully, since he was presenting himself just a hand’s width above her, she could strike him across his face.

If not? Well, in this moment—as his need trembled his muscles—he would not fault her for her diminutive stature. A near hit would suffice.

By Aku, please have her hit him.

Just his damn luck. Throughout their short acquaintance, she chose that moment to hold her tongue. She simply clung to him as her astonishment continued to flush her face.

He took a bold risk and brushed a thumb over her bottom lip. “How do your people convey courtship intensions? One’s acceptance, even?

She blinked and shook her head. “Courtship acceptance? Like, dating?”

Dating. He didn’t like that human term. It invoked a sense of time constraints, and right now, he wanted no constraints at all.

He smoothed his thumbs over her cheek bones. “As in intercourse.”

Her brow creased. “Sex?”


You mean consent to have sex?”


You wanna fuck me?”

He lowered his hips and pressed his hard length into the cradle of her thighs. He intended it to be a demonstration of his desire and influence her. Instead, he brushed against sweet, slippery heat that had seeped through her thin clothing.

They moaned in unison.

God,” Rez sighed as her eyes fluttered closed. “These pants are shit at keeping secrets.”

Thank Aku for that. She wanted him.

Well, sexually, she responded to him. Now whether she wanted to act on that response—

Her small hands grasped at his shoulders, anchoring her as she rolled her hips, stroking his length. His entire body shuddered.

He choked on a groan, dropping his head and burying his nose into the slope of her neck and shoulder.

I thought we were gonna fight,” she breathed in his ear.

At least she didn’t sound disappointed. But if she did want to fight, he was open to all options. Tussling was tussling, and both options involved hands on bodies, heaving exertion, and rope.

Fuck. He had no rope down here.

Your consent.” He grated out as she continued to roll her hips against his throbbing cock. “Tell me how to obtain it.”


Confused, he cocked his head as she stilled beneath him.

Shit.” She huffed. “Deal. I’ll make a deal with you.”

That was intriguing yet frustrating. Neither of which surprised him, especially where Rez was concerned.

He pushed himself up to gaze down at her. The sight was gratifying. She slotted perfectly beneath him, completely sheltered by his carapace. “Your terms?”

Hard, fast, with me on top.”

Her immediate rattling off of terms meant that she’d given their coupling some thought. How unusual for him to be at a disadvantage during an engagement. His mind scrambled to organize her erotically deviant words—hard, fast, female on top—into conceivable executables. The Akupara had sex the opposite of how she described: slow, steady, with the female mounted from behind.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Those are the terms, Kin. Unless you want to get another fist in the throat.”

Ah, she teased him. His cock ached in anticipation and appreciation of her determined flirtation. That, and her terms enticed him.

Very well. “I have terms of my own.”

You?” She blinked, appearing startled before cooling her expression. “Of course, you do.”

Indeed he did. “Your way, but with modifications.”


You may mount me astride, but I’ll be seated.”


He could wait. In this, he’d gladly grasp onto his tattered vestiges of being The Last.

I’m thinking.” She flicked her eyes away from him and then back. “I’m more of a cowgirl than a lap dancer.”

Those designations meant nothing to him. “Do either involve my cock being inside of you?”


She sounded uncertain, but he had no doubts. “Then either will serve us well.”

You know, confidence isn’t a universal turn on.”

Nonsense. Though, since she’d shifted the topics to turnabouts… “Once you orgasm, then it will be my turn with my terms.”

She opened her mouth.

He cut her off. “You may modify one of my terms. Just as I did yours.”

She huffed. “Lemme hear them first.”

Good thing he already knew which term she’d reject. “On your knees, ass presented for mounting, hands tied.”

No hand tying,” she scoffed as if it were the obvious response.

Obvious for this time? Yes, there would be no tying. Next time, though, he mustn’t forget the rope.

He gave her a firm nod. “As you wish.”

She released a shaky exhale and again darted her eyes around the cave. “So, are we gonna talk some more or seal the deal?”

Ah, even more negotiations. And here he’d wagered that she would have rushed straight to the fucking part. “How so?”


Again, she sounded unsure. Perhaps she shared the same compulsion that he was barely containing. He wanted his hands on her while her hands stroked his cock.

Then she rushed to add more, filling the silence. Ah, there was his hasty Rez. “Um, option B is to kiss on the lips. Which is also legally binding, but I’m thinking that with your beak—”

Kin banded his arms about her, cradling her ass in his palms as he stood.

He didn’t need to hear any more of her doubts. He was familiar with the human custom of pressing one’s lips to another’s as a sign of affection or passion. Though Rez thought otherwise, the beak of a male Akupara was highly developed for ‘kissing.’

Rez clung to him as he held her—which had his wholehearted approval. It enabled him to smoothly pivot and stride toward the back of the cave.

She looked over her shoulder. “Where are we—”

To seal the deal.”

Rez twisted in Kin’s arms. Her astonishment was torn between too many amazing things.

Kin was fast on both land and water.

Kin was ripped like a damn diamond.

Kin was the unabashed owner of the thick fantasdick that was currently rubbing her shero bits into a premature lift off.

You know what? Kin’s list was getting rather unruly.

Then there was the techy barrier that Kin had just carried her over. The sand-covered cave floor had stopped at a distinct threshold, and now Kin’s bare feet slapped against a smooth, polished surface that resembled the corridors of the Bale above them.

Above them? Right. She didn’t need a genius like Joia to tell her that the Akupara had extended the Bale under the cliff, connecting it to the sea cave. The Akupara’s tech revealed itself when Kin crossed that sand-and-water nixing barrier that left her skin and cloths pristine.

The split-second process had felt similar to being tossed into a sonic cleansing stall back at the scientists’ lab. Only—instead of millions of pinpricks abrading her skin to remove dead cells, dirt, and bacteria—the Akupara’s ‘cleanser’ gently sucked the particles from her skin, leaving her feeling refreshed.

As for feeling re-energized? Maybe the barrier had tried its best in that regard, but the Kletka hunters’ tranqs were still slogging her system.

Which was odd. The combined sensory memories of the drugs and waterless cleansing should have provoked outright panic, if not nudged her with unease.

Instead, her body continued to throb with delicious tingles. Her nipples—pinched between the buttery fabric of her loaner shirt and the hard, fascinating scales on Kin’s chest—were getting the best tweaks her life. Plus, with her legs wrapped about Kin’s hips, his engorged dick was nestled tight against her core, rubbing her clit with each of his steps.

Her hands, which had been anchored to his shoulders, had drifted down to his shoulder blades. There, her palms encountered rigid, textured plates—unlike the smooth and somewhat pliable scales on his chest.

Ah, so this was why he’d amended the terms of their…arrangement.

She couldn’t image him being comfortable lying on these heavy, hexagonal plates. They were tiled together at irregular edges from his shoulders to his lumbar and ranged in size from playing cards to a drinking tray. To her surprise, they rippled as he moved, making a soft clicking sound, just like the other Akupara who had woken her up.

How had this detail escaped her when she was with Kin in Briarwood?

The answer wasn’t a mystery. In fact, she was wrapped around the ‘answer’ like a stripe on a candy cane.

It galled her to admit that she’d spent all that time dismissing Kin, not truly looking at him or listening to him.

Like most people—er beings—that she’d encountered in her life, she’d assumed Kin to be slow of mind and body, earning him a slot above ‘advancing Ice Age glacier’ in regards to his immediate threat level.

She’d been so wrong about him, and now look at where she was…

How much more Payback kicking could her ass take?

As if Kin followed her thoughts and wanted to punish her further, he adjusted his grip on her backside. His rough palms managed to rub her bottom while his fingers flexed. He pressed her core closer to his hips, then started pumping her against his length.

This alien was the damned devil.

He was destroying her while he continued walking, working her damp core against his hard dick. No misstep or fumble. And because they both wore the thinnest pants in the universe, she felt each and every slow, smooth stroke.

She moaned—and might have lost a few seconds of rational thought—as stars twinkled behind her vision. No bursts of light yet, but it was coming.

Oh good god, was it coming.

Her aching core clenched, desperately wanting to be stretched and filled.

Second go,” Kin groaned as he bowed her over, lowering his face to brush his thick jaw against her crown.

That magnificent bastard still kept walking and talking and shuttling her against his dick—without missing a damn step.

Wait. What?

Second go.” He repeated, then pivoted sharply. The smooth wall before them suddenly split open, revealing a dimly lit room. “When you’ll be spread over me, my cock buried inside of you.”

Right. A second time. Yes, please to that. They were very much going to do that.

His arms shook at he plopped her onto another high pedestal cot. “First, I will kiss you.”

Oh. First base action. Okay, then. They would start slow and figure out this whole lips-to-beak conundrum.

She pushed back her disappointment. “That sounds—”

Kin ripped her pants off.

Seriously, there was a rending sound and everything.

He hooked his huge hands under the bend of her knees and tugged her legs up. Pulled off balance, she flopped onto her back. Her shoulder blades pressed into the cushiony gel as her ass lost contact with the cot.

Lifting her legs and spreading them wide, Kin gazed upon her exposed core. The intensity in his black eyes forced a needy whimper to rise from her belly and pass through her lips. Lips that he apparently would be bypassing to kiss her other lips.

Her thigh muscles reflexively clenched as her eyes snapped to his rounded off, blunt beak. “Kin, listen—”

I won’t hurt you.” He blurted, then snapped his jaw shut. He probably realized that wasn’t the best move, because he swallowed. When he spoke, his voice sounded softer, yet strained. “Just as you are adapted, so am I.”


Your cunt,” he gestured with his chin. “It’s tiny, yet as you said, it’s meant to be stretched and filled.”

She huffed—a bit anxious and a bit turned on by his explicitness. “I said that?”


Out loud?”

He gave her a chiding groan and spread her legs wider. “You will see, Rez.”

She giggled like a deranged idiot whose common sense had fled, joining Team Tits and Clit in their campaign to get amazingly fucked.

Why on earth was she fighting it?

Okay. New plan. Time to reclaim the moment.

Rez heaved a jitter-clearing breath and raised her eyes to Kin’s face. She sucked in a breath.

Kin stroked the bend of her knees soothingly with his thumbs. “Akupara males are highly adapted to stimulate a female.”

Oh, yeah, they were. She might have missed the transformation, but she was now gazing at the results.

Kin’s pointed beak was gone. It looked like it had been neatly folded against the upper ridge of his mouth and tucked up into his palate. It left him with the snubbed bump of his beak and powerful jaws.

For the craziest second, the arrangement of his features—his nostrils placed high on his nasal bridge—had her recalling alligators. Their nostril were also on the topside of their snout, so that as they were stalking prey, they could remain mostly submerged yet still be able to breathe. Those ambush predators could be patient, staying under water for a long, long time.

Which meant, once Kin got started, he wouldn’t have to come up for air. Not until she…came.

Kin grunted, a mix of arousal and amusement. “Exactly.”

Shit. She said that out loud.

Kin chuffed—a stifled chuckle—and muttered. “Always ‘out loud.’”

Her heart pounded in her chest as his words registered. Out loud. Huh? Did that mean she finally won that— Oh good god his mouth was on her!

That sneaky alien had distracted her, then swooped in and started to devour her.

With the point tucked away, the apex of his blunt beak brushed against her slick clit.

He nestled her, coating himself and groaning like a starved man. “Need to taste you.”

His tongue—thick, textured, and so astoundingly long—slid into her and pushed against her clenching core. It wasn’t enough, though. Just a tease.

Kin,” she moaned and tried to shift in his hold.

If she could just rub herself off—

Kin curled his tongue. Using his fuck-tastic jaw muscles, he pressed against the spot and stroked.

Rez gasped, inflating her lungs and arching her back in mid-air. Her body locked up as Kin tapped that sweet spot inside of her over and over.

Her core clenched, and Kin growled.

The deep guttural rumble of Kin’s encouragement and masculine smugness—hell, she didn’t hide her response to him at all—wrecked her. Absolutely destroyed her.

Because when Kin growled, his beak vibrated against her clit and…and…

She lit up.

Shit. She literally lit up.

As her orgasm tore through her, her flash hairs fired in blinding bliss.

Right into Kin’s face.

This chapter is complete! I’ve enabled commenting and have added my own thoughts as well.

As always, thank you so much for reading!

xo Bex

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    Okay. Moving on.

    Some of you may be like “WTW, Bex! All that build up, and that was it?!?” What can I say? I write slow burn. It took four POV changes before I felt that both characters were committed to the moment.

    FUN FACT: As I am posting this scene, I am listening to Pat Benatar’s ‘We Belong.’ On repeat. Because this song is Rez’s and Kin’s hearts laid bare. See, fun!😁

    I would, though, like to express my extreme gratitude (and utter shock) that you all have made it this far! I am truly having a blast with Rez and Kin and am looking forward to the next chapter!



  2. Wrapped around him like a stripe on a candy cane! Heck yeah that’s what I want! And a guy who knows where to put his tongue score 2 points for Kin!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well we can only hope he has his eyes closed in ecstasy when she “went off” on his face hahaha! Good thing he doesn’t need to see to feel and be felf, I just hope this blindness doesn’t last as long, the poor guy is been at a definite disadvantage for a bunch of their time together. Thank u for a really great story so far and I can’t wait to continue reading. So many things to discover Mwahhahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

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