9 thoughts on “Slow and Steady – By a Hare – Chapter Eight

  1. Yeah. So *that* just happened.

    Okay. Moving on.

    Some of you may be like “WTW, Bex! All that build up, and that was it?!?” What can I say? I write slow burn. It took four POV changes before I felt that both characters were committed to the moment.

    FUN FACT: As I am posting this scene, I am listening to Pat Benatar’s ‘We Belong.’ On repeat. Because this song is Rez’s and Kin’s hearts laid bare. See, fun!😁

    I would, though, like to express my extreme gratitude (and utter shock) that you all have made it this far! I am truly having a blast with Rez and Kin and am looking forward to the next chapter!



  2. Thanks so much for this story; I’m really enjoying it. “Right into Kin’s face.” Hilarious! Poor guy is blinded again!

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  3. Wrapped around him like a stripe on a candy cane! Heck yeah that’s what I want! And a guy who knows where to put his tongue score 2 points for Kin!

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  4. Well we can only hope he has his eyes closed in ecstasy when she “went off” on his face hahaha! Good thing he doesn’t need to see to feel and be felf, I just hope this blindness doesn’t last as long, the poor guy is been at a definite disadvantage for a bunch of their time together. Thank u for a really great story so far and I can’t wait to continue reading. So many things to discover Mwahhahaha!

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