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Updated 5/25/2021

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Chapter 1 – We meet Luna and Pyxis!

Chapter 2 – Luna and Pyxis are ordered to “Fix it. Real Quick.”

Chapter 3 – Pyx gets Taken by a Human Female!

Chapter 4 – They’re officially roommates!

Chapter 5 – They’re possibly mated roommates!

Chapter 6 – Pyx wants to strip it all down. Luna agrees.

Chapter 7 – They finally touch one another!

Chapter 8 – Luna makes her move!

Chapter 9 – They retreat and regroup…

Chapter 10 – Pyxis the Lavisher…

Chapter 11 -Luna’s very good at following instructions…

Chapter 12 – That was beyond fabulous…

Chapter 13 – Coming soon…

She’s a hands-off kinda girl. He’s an alien warrior who’s all about hugging it out.

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