Slow and Steady – The Velveteen Tortoise – Chapter Eleven

There Be Mature Content Here

Please be advised that the following is intended for mature readers only.

Chapter Eleven


Pyxis The Restrained

“Looks like someone set your room on fire, Fanboy.” Jo cants her head toward the last wisps of smoke wafting from my quarters into the corridor.

Luna huffs and then mutters, “That line’s already been used.”

“Line?” I look from Luna, who’s standing rigidly next to me, to Jo, who’s leaning against the wall on the opposite side of the corridor.

“Nah.” Jo tilts her head, gesturing to my open door. “Sheets are one thing, Baby Bunny. An entire room is another.”

Room? That’s ridiculous.

“It’s just the bed.” I point at the smoldering remains of my cracked and splintered bed frame.

The only reason my bed resembles a dying campfire is because I’d smashed it to pieces while trying to smother the flames…

…while trying to avoid smashing Luna…

…who, for some reason, kept scrambling in front of me, demanding to see my hands…

…which were still twitching to grab her…

…and there was no fucking way I was gonna trust my atrocious, an affront to Aku, abominable hands—

“Gonna stop you right there, Fanboy.” Jo twirls a finger at me. “It’s the other way around.”

“Other way—” I stop.

Jo’d used her dry and flat ‘you’re being an idiot’ tone, which always makes me pause to reassess.

Am I being an idiot?

Sliding my gaze from Jo, I look at my broken and charred bed and start a mental replay of the past few minutes.

Immediately my senses are hit with the memory of Luna, spread bare, on my bed. The sounds of her moaning and gasping in pleasure, coupled with the sight of her rosy-flushed chest rising and falling, are running through my mind.

My scent and taste receptors flare as they recall the intoxicating aroma of her arousal. By Aku, I’d passed right by sampling her with a slow swipe of my tongue. Instead, I’d charged straight into frantic licks and ravenous laps. And when the dam broke with her release, her core had squeezed my tongue so damn tight—

A full-body shudder that’s searing with hot-bloodied desire burns through me. I know the signs of my own arousal. My body’s priming for sex, which is fucking fabulous because that means having sex with Luna. But there’s also this mounding frustration grating at me, and my chest’s rumbling with a disgruntled snarl— 

Jo snaps her fingers. “Fanboy!”

“What?” I fire back.

Jo narrows her eyes at me. “Whaddya mean ‘what’?”

“What other…” I stall.

I’ve got nothing.

Usually I’ve got dozens of answers prepped and ready to rattle off. Just like recitation drills, my replies are always locked and loaded.


I glance down at Luna.

Although she and I are standing side-by-side—her shoulder juuust brushing against my elbow, my overbearing instincts are raging that that’s still too fucking far away.

My bullish instincts are also livid that Luna—who’s dressed in borrowed clothing because I’d shredded every last stitch of fabric from her body—isn’t naked in my bed, in my arms, with me inside of her…

It would be so outstandingly fabulous if Luna and I were alone right now. You know, instead of standing in a pungent corridor as my bestest friend glares at us.

Jo snaps her fingers again. “Answer a few questions and I’m gone. What ‘other’, Fanboy?”

“What other what?” I blurt out.

Jo manages to narrow her eyes at me further. “Seriously?”

“Seriously.” I shrug because there’s no ‘other way around’ anything.

Luna didn’t trash my bed. I did.

Well, my damned hands did all the trashing.

Even before the flames had started, I’d been pushing down so hard—determined to keep my hands fixed onto the bed and away from Luna—that I’d compressed the mattress. Then my fingers had busted through the ticking and fibrous filling to grip—and ultimately snap—the bed’s support slats. The demolished bed is all on me.

Unless I’m missing something…

Glancing between Jo’s irate scowl and Luna’s downturned gaze reaffirms my doubt. “Should I not be serious?”

Jo grumbles and then pins Luna with a sharp gaze and arched brow.

Luna shifts uncomfortably on her feet and flicks her gaze up to Jo. “What?”

“Fuck ‘what’.” Jo holds up her hands and kinda shakes and rattles them. “You know exactly whose ‘what’, Baby Bunny.”

All these ‘knows’ and ‘whats’ are being batted about, yet I still know nothing.

I point at Jo and her jiggling hands. “I have no idea what that means.”

Jo juts her chin at Luna. “She knows what it means.”

I turn toward her. “Luna?”

She’s darting her gaze between me and Jo. I’ve seen this look on Luna before. Back when Luna had been faking her injuries and used the med-chamber to avoid everyone, Rez had pinched her and she’d scrambled out, entirely healthy and whole.

Right now, the look on Luna’s face is the same as it was then. Her earnest gaze is bouncing between me and Jo, silently pleading that we understand.

But understand what?

Luna bounces her gaze between Jo and I once more before her supplication turns into exasperation.

She throws her arms up. “How was I supposed to know—”

“So damn sick—” Jo lunges at Luna.

I lunge at Jo.

Jo spins in the air—

Wait. What?

I blink and the scene registers.

Emys, who must’ve just stepped outta my room, is holding Jo up by the back of her shirt. Which leaves Jo kicking her legs wildly while I’m crouching before Luna with my arms outstretched, ready to grapple and defend my mate.

I’m snarling.

Jo’s spitting curses.

Luna’s shrieking.

Emys simply sighs. “The fire is out, Sibling Mine.”

And now we’re all left in this truly ridiculous pseudo stand-off—

“Wait a second.” Luna peers around me. “What?”

“No more ‘what’ bullshit!” Jo rages as she kicks her legs.

Luna, sputtering, turns to Jo. “Can I use ‘how’?”

Jo sniffs. “I’ll allow it.”

How, then,” Luna says, turning back to my sibling. “How’d you put the fire out? Where’d you get the water?”

Emys tilts her head and regards my mate. “My hands.”

Luna blinks. “Your hands?”

“For the love of—” Jo curses and then—because she’s still being held aloft— twists about to look at Luna. “Do I gotta remind you what indestructible means, Baby Bunny?”

“Indestructible?” Luna huffs. “Against fire?”

Emys sets Jo down and then brushes ashes from her hands. “Indeed.”

Luna looks at me.

I shrug. “That’s what I was trying to do. But you kinda kept stopping me.”

Uncertain what else to say, I shrug again.

Luna stares at me, blinks, then throws her hands up. “How was I supposed to know that the Akupara could use their hands to smother fires?”

Emys says, “Perhaps we should explain the definition of indestructible.”

Luna snarls and jabs a finger at my sibling. “Nothing’s indestructible, Emys. Nothing.”

Emys opens her mouth to reply, but Luna jabs her finger again and keeps going. “Every-damn-thing in this universe has cracks and chinks. They may be freaking microscopic but they’re there, and something always worms its way inside. Always.”

Well…that’s kinda creepy. And sinister. And morbid.

And not like Luna at all.

I step back, just so that I can get a better look at her.

She’s fuming, having worked herself into a raging lather because…

My thoughts stumble.

Because she believes what she’s said?

“Nah,” Jo says softly at my side. “Shit ain’t that simple, Fanboy.”

“Shit?” Luna scowls at Jo. “Simple?”

Jo shakes her head. “Don’t go paring down my words, Baby Bunny. You know better.”

“Know better?” Luna scoffs, then her voice changes to a mocking tone. “That’s foolish, Luna. That’s not important, Luna. Stop wasting everyone’s oh-so-precious time because that’s not a real problem, Luna.”

I jerk at that last bit. I can’t help it.

Not real…

Jo turns to Emys. “Am I the only one who’s just so fucking sick of all this shit?”

“This shit?” Luna’s amped up. I can see her riled combativeness in the angry flush of her skin and hear it in the hard edge of her voice. “You wanna talk about this shit right now?”

She’s pointing at her chest, then at me. Us. She’s pointing at us.

Jo makes an encompassing, circular motion with her finger. “Oh, I’m gonna discuss the shit outta all this shit.”

“You mean all the shit that I’ve got fucking handled?” Luna shoots back at Jo. “That’s what you wanna talk about, Joia?”

Jo scoffs, shakes her head, then snaps at me. “Come here, Fanboy.”

Reflexively, I rear back as Jo reaches for me.

Just like our group tussle from a few minutes ago—only different this time because the dynamics are shifted—another heated confrontation unfolds.

Luna slaps down Jo’s hand. Stepping in front of me, she growls.

It’s an adorable growl—being all protective and possessive of me—that I can’t help but answer back with my own, deeply pleased growl.

“Handled, huh?” Jo flicks her gaze to Luna’s hand. “How’s that working out for ya, Baby Bunny?”

Oh! I know the answer to this one!

“Fabulously!” I beam at Luna.

Seriously. We’re mates. How much more fabulous can it possibly get?

Only, instead of gazing up at me with an equally adoring—which’s what I fucking know is all over my face—gaze, Luna snarls in frustration. Hooking her arm through mine, she storms off with me in tow.

Well, not ‘in tow’ because I’m dogging along after her, determined to go with her.

It’s just—awkward—to clip my stride to match hers. And I’m kinda half bending, half hunching so that Luna can keep a firm lock on our elbows.

But still. She’s taking me with her and that’s fucking fabulous.

I’ve no clue where she’s leading me, though. But that doesn’t really matter. Like I said, she’s taking me with her.

Fucking fabulous.

Though, there’s something about her back-and-forth with Jo that unsettles me. Luna’d pointed at me. Well, at us. But mostly at me. And I’m extremely concerned about that whole me part. 


“It’s not you, Pyx,” she says with a deep sigh.


She stops walking and pivots toward me. “Okay. Not true. It is you.”

“Me?” My gut clenches.

“No. Not like that, Pyx.” She reaches for me, but pulls her hand back. “You’re not the shit I’m dealing with.” She makes a face—a grimace. “I’m the shit that I’m dealing with.”

I don’t get it. “Luna?”

Her grimace turns more reluctant. “I don’t want you thinking I’m an idiot. Everyone thinks I’m an idiot.”

“I don’t.”

“You don’t?” I hear the skepticism in her voice. “Pyx, I don’t even know where I’m going right now.” She gestures to the empty corridor. “But there’s this clawing drive inside of me to drag you off—” She shakes her head and blows out a frustrated breath. “I even sound like a freaking idiot.”

“You don’t. Not to me.” And I know exactly what she means.

How my every word and action have only been adding more fuel to my pyre. When the kindling is high enough, there’ll be a fake funeral where no soul will come bear witness as I’m sent off, officially cast out of the Bale.

Luna huffs roughly. “My freaking idiocy is on freaking display freaking everywhere, Pyx.” She takes a deep breath, then in a rush rambles, “I’m epically under qualified for every single thing I’m trying to tackle. And instead of just listening to everyone and giving up…”

She’s outta breath, so she shrugs and says in a small voice, “I just keep telling myself that eventually I’ll power through, but what I’m really doing is just banging my head against the wall. Like an idiot.”

Oh, Luna.

I crack as my heart bursts.

I desperately wanna cup her face—as a real Akupara would do to convey their soul-aching yearning—but instead I cage her. Flattening my palms on the wall on either side of her, I extend my arms, which forces me to dip my face to look her in the eyes.

“You’re not an idiot, Luna the Baby Bunny. You are compassionate, creative, and determined.”

She’s gazing at me, her face tipped up. “Pyx—”

“You’re all those things, Luna, plus dozens of other things that I cannot put into words.” I swallow as my voice thickens. “You’re also my mate.”

By Aku, I feel like I’ve waited hundreds of lifetimes to finally say—

“Wait.” Luna narrow her eyes at me. “What?”

Right. I kinda rushed it, didn’t I?

“I accept your courtship, Luna. I am yours. I’ve already hollowed myself out—”

“Hang on.” She holds her palm up before my face. “Just, hang on. Mated?”

“Mated.” I reconsider. “Unless humans use another term. Because I’m absolutely fine with—”

“We don’t.” Her brow wrinkles with confusion. “Well, not really. It’s complicated.”

“Whatever you wanna call it.” I’m nodding along, completely clueless. “I’m absolutely fine with—'”

“But we didn’t.”


“Have sex?”

“No. But once again, I wanna convey how I’m abso-fucking-lutely fine with—”

“Hang on.” Her palm’s in my face again as her thoughts turn inward and her gaze loses focus. “You. Me. Mated?”

“Mated.” If bellowing it would be helpful, well… I’d be bellowing it.

“‘Mated’ mated? Like, for real mated?”

For real. My heart swells. “Yes, my mate.”

Luna slides her gaze to the side, looking down the empty corridor, then sags against the wall. “Oh thank god.”

I’m kinda confused by her reaction. It was more relief than excitement. And I was kinda hoping she’d be exited.

“So,” she beams up at me, “now I can go fix things!”

“Fix things,” I say with a nod. “Sure.”

Yep. I’m thoroughly confused.

But Luna’s smiling, so fuck my confusion. She’s happy. I’m not gonna ruin this for her.

With a gleeful laugh, Luna bounces on her toes and then moves to dunk under my arms. “I’m gonna go get start—”

“Luna,” I growl and my fingers—wanting to grab her—flex.

There’s this noise—

Luna gasps and her wide-eyed gaze is locked on my hands. The tips of my fingers have created digit-sized divots in the outer hull of the Baleship.

She slowly looks up at me as the scent of her cock-swelling arousal fills the air around us.

“Pyx,” she moans and shimmies her hips.

Fuck. My mate. I’m hers.

“Together.” My voice rumbles from deep within my chest.

She licks her lips. “Together?”

“Together.” Because right now, where ever Luna goes, my mating instincts demand that I go, too. “We’ll go fix stuff together.”

My words are a command masquerading as a request. Which is fucked up. A real Akupara would never command his mate.

Rather, a real Akupara would willingly follow his mate—eager for any opportunity to please her.

But, as I’ve shown to Luna over and over, I’m shit at following orders. Pyxis the Restrained doesn’t exist. He never really did.

She nods, as if she completely agrees that I’m a fraud.

“Together,” she says on a breathy sigh. “Right. You. Me. Together.”

I nod while mentally crushing my hounding demons. “Always together.”

Luna the Baby Bunny

Why isn’t this working?

We’re mated. Pyx’s said that we’re mated.

We don’t think we’re mated. Pipe-in my shebits.

I glare at them—um, figuratively.

Fully. They amend with a huff. Fully mated. You know, because you skipped the actual mating part, Luna.

My shebits said Luna, but I hear them loud and clear. ‘…skipped the actual mating part, you idiot.’

That’s it. That’s the problem. I am still an idiot.

Still. Still. Still.

I bite back a frustrated growl as I stare at my workbench, which is now in my modular’s bolthole. After the whole ‘set his sheets on fire’ fiasco, Pyx and I’d moved my stuff—my workbench and all the engine parts—to my modular’s bolthole. The fact that it took us several hours to hull everything across Two-Four-Kay—being forced to move at normal human speeds and all—reaffirmed our decision to relocate. Not only would we be next to the broken drill, but it also gives us privacy to—you know—do the repairs at H.A.R.E. and Akupara speed.

But right now, even though everything’s all set up—my workbench, more lighting, a basket filled of MREs and canteens of fresh water—nothing’s really getting done.

At super speed or any other speed. Not even monkey speed.

Rather, I’m just standing at my workbench and looking at the drill engine parts—but not really seeing the drill parts—because I’m so fixated on Pyx.

He’s next to me, methodically re-arranging the machine parts on the workbench. And I don’t get it. I mean, I’d already arranged the pieces by size and everything.

“Size doesn’t matter,” Pyx says.

We beg to differ, say my stupid shebits.

“Actually,” Pyx nods toward his work, “it’s all about order of assembly…”

Pyx keeps talking, but I’m not listening. I’m not even pretending to listen.

Okay, I am staring at him, but what I’m really doing is gazing at his lips. And I’m sorta irritated that his tongue isn’t doing its mind-blowing amazingness between my legs.

Which means that I’m totally not absorbing anything about putting the drill back together.

So, yeah. This is a problem.

No it isn’t. My shebits fire off in opposition.

Yes, she-bidiots, it’s the very freaking definition of a freaking problem.

She-bidiots? Really, Luna?

Stop being idiots, then.

I stifle another frustrated grumble by clearing my throat and nodding along to Pyx’s enthusiastic rambling.

Good god. He’s just too dang sexy talking about crap that I could give a crap about. His eyes are alight with excitement and there’s this engaging smile constantly curling his lips as he’s talking. And—god bless him—Pyx naturally gestures at things with his hands. And crosses his arms over his chest. And when he laughs, there’s this dimple that forms and the thick column of his neck flexes with his laughter and—


Seriously! Mating Pyx was supposed to fix… all this.

But you didn’t actually mate him, did you, Lunatic! My shebits rant at me.

‘Lunatic.’ That’s the best you got?

Don’t change the subject. My shebits sniff and then mumble, Besides, our attention is kinda tied up else where.

And god dang my shebits!

With that offhanded comment—tied up—they’ve called up the memory of Rez and Kin ‘demonstrating’ their babymaking techniques on my dang workbench…

…that I’m currently standing before with Pyx next to me…

…and now I’m envisioning myself on my workbench—naked and flat on my back with my legs wrapped around Pyx’s hips as he’s—


That’s Pyx. He sounds…intense? Maybe angry? I’m tossing out guesses here because, at some point, I’ve shifted my captivated staring from him to the workbench. And, being the coward that I am, I’m not looking up to gauge his facial expression.

But, you know what? If he’s mad he’s got a right to be. I have been ignoring him and all.

I swallow. “Yeah, Pyx?”

I was shooting for a casual, ‘do-go-on’ tone, but…yeah. I’ve been caught with my pants down.

My shebits sigh wistfully. God, if only—

Hush it, shebits!

Pyx heaves. “Do you?”

“Do I?” Heck if I know.

Honestly. I don’t. Pyx is so close to me that his hot and heave-y exhale has just bathed my neck, and now I’ve got warm tingles all over my body.

All. Freaking. Over.

My skin’s all prickly and hyperaware of his proximity. He’s not touching me, but I can still feel him. And my shebits—the horny, traitorous trio—have perked up. Their nerve endings are firing up with that needy, achy throbbing that makes me toss aside all rational thoughts—

Eh, who needs those? my shebits wave dismissively. Toss ’em.

“Do you?” Pyx’s voice is all sexy rumbly yet kinda cautiously shaky. “Do you wanna do all of that?”

My eyes—the spineless wimps—are still locked on the workbench. Which means that I catch the trembling in Pyx’s hand as he sets down whatever gear-shaft-looking thingy that he’d been holding.

“Because, you know, Luna,” he says, and it just cuts me when Pyx’s voice sounds like this—uncertain and vulnerable, “I’ll do anything or try anything you wanna do.”

Sex. I wanna do sex with you.

“I…” he exhales heavily again, “really wanna do that, too.”

If you think I’m gonna stumble all over the place, trying to shove my foot in my mouth because, once again, I’m talking out loud…

Well, you’d be wrong.

When I let my lips off the leash, they freaking race straight to the finish line. So excuse me while I give my subconsciously yammering jabber a hearty high-five for stepping up to the starting line and getting my ass into this race…

…a race to, um, get into Pyx’s pants…

So, yeah. I’m gonna do sex with Pyx because all this…

…the distractions…

…the excuses…

…the stalling…

needs to be freaking fixed!

I whip my dress over my head. “We’re doing this!”

Turning, I stride over to the stack of pallets in the corner… of the cave…

Why, yes. My freaking cave does have a freaking corner!

Oh! My shebits purr in approval. She’s serious this time. Just look at our ass. She’s shimmying our ass!

You bet I’m shaking and baking my backside. This is freaking it! I’m having sex with Pyx. I’m gonna get fully and officially mated so that—

“Don’t move, Luna.”

I freeze.

Caught mid-crawl across the pallets, I’m stuck on my hands and knees. 

Pyx growls in my ear. “Don’t. Fucking. Move.”

Without moving my head, I look down. Pyx’s palms are pressed flat against the clean sheets and his arms are bracketing mine. I can feel him settling behind and over me. His muscular legs are bumping the back of my thighs. His ripped stomach’s brushing against my back. His dick—hard, hot, and throbbing—is sliding between my spread legs.

I think… 

Check that. I know I’m gonna scream. Pyx has me caged beneath him, and he’s torturing me with a smooth, teasing stroke that’s coating him in my arousal without brushing my clit or filling the coiling, achy emptiness inside of me.

Yeah. I’m totally gonna scream in impotent rage, or…

…you know…

…just adjust my hips and…

My entire throat opens up on a soundless moan. My back’s bowing, lifting my ass, tilting my pelvis, and curling my toes as Pyx’s rigid and ribbed cock makes contact with my clit—

Oh. Oh. Oooh—

Pyx pulls back.

With a snarl, I use my H.A.R.E speed and scrambled around to face him, determined to pounce—

The cave spins around me. I’m tumbled from sitting up to being back on my hands and knees. And it takes a heart pounding second to register what the heck’d just happened.

Pyx’d countered my speed with his own, using some leg-grappling-rolling-with-his-prey’s-momentum maneuver to smoothly get us back into our original position—me on my knees with him behind me.

God, this shouldn’t surprise me. It really shouldn’t. My instincts have got me acting like a mating-rabid rabbit who’s got insane delusions about tackling a freaking seasoned Akupara warrior…

This is just so me…

“Perfect.” Pyx’s harsh, ragged breathing heats my neck. “Just like this.”

Only, we’re not just like we were before. We’re closer to the wall of the cave. Pyx’s looming over me with his arms spread wide as he braces his hands against the solid rock wall. With his head hanging down between his bulging shoulders, he’s dark eyes are locked onto me.

“Down, Luna,” he groans as he nudges his thick thigh against my backside.

With a shaky exhale, I lower myself onto my elbows, which places me head down and ass up.

“Brace,” he says.

Brace. Right. Gotta brace.

My clit’s throbbing to the wild, rapid beat of my heart as I press my forearms and palms against the cool rock wall.

The sheets rustle behind me, and I sneak a peek to see that Pyx’s sliding his knees apart. And I get it. Even though he’s kneeling behind me, he’s too dang tall. Widening his stance is lowering his body. His palms are scraping down the cave wall as his hips line up with my—

His cocks slides between my soaking folds again. I moan—the sound echoing off the rock. 

“Exactly like this.” Pyx groans on a long, slow backstroke. “Fucking perfect like this, Luna.”

I whimper. Yeeesss. Exactly like this.

With my forehead pressed against the back of my hands, I can feel the rising heat…

…heat that never harms me, yet obviously can set sheets on fire.

Pyx tumbling us closer to the wall is pure freaking genius. Positioned like this, with my hands harmlessly pumping searing heat into the cave wall while his can’t grab fistfuls of solid rock, fixes everyth—

Ooohhh. Ohmyfreakingooohhh…

Pyx’s cock is finally sinking into me.

I inhale a strangled gasp as my entire body clenches. Even my pussy eagerly clamps down because he’s feels so—

He stops.

He freaking stops! Nonono…

Whimpering, I shift my hips, blindly fumbling to impale myself on him.

He pulls back.

God help me, he’s pulled out.

He’s still all around me—caging me beneath him—but he’s not freaking in me.

“Is this—” He heaves a breath, but his voice is still raspy and strained. “Is this what you wanna do, Luna?”

I let loose a choking sob. I’m achy and empty and sanity-shattering desperate—



“Then open for me.” He slides into me again.

And because his cock is so incredibly, shamelessly-moan-worthy, my pussy’s clamping down on him. Again. Which means he stops. Freaking again, too.

“Luna,” he says, his tone low and firm.

He’s scolding me? Seriously?

I’m gonna lose my freaking mind. His cock’s notched just inside of me. I’m achy and needy and ridiculously desperate. So, yeah. I’m so gonna lose—

“Open for me,” he whispers.

Oh. Well this time, it sounds like he’s also pleading. That he, like me, is about to snap.

Snapping, for either one of us, is never good.

I inhale, holding the breath until it shifts from warming my lungs to burning them. With a forceful exhale, I push the tension from my body. My muscles ease, dipping my spine and deepening the tilt of my hips.

Pyx, groaning in rapt approval, pulls back and enters me.

But it’s not a smooth glide, like when his cock had been teasing my slippery clit. Rather, it’s still sorta the same thing all over again. I’m clenching. He’s pushing.

“Luna.” Pyx grounds out—his voice pulling from his gut and rumbling with raw pleasure and astonishment.

Yeah. I totally agree with you, Pyx.

It feels fucking phenomenal.

While he’s determinedly stroking—opening me with filthily explicit praise, I’m enthusiastically ‘moaning-my-throat-raw’ as I cheer him on.

In fact, the entire cave is echoing with our growing frenzy.

Pyx’s carapace—the huge plates on his back—is snapping together with each firm thrust of his hips. And even though my eyes are kinda useless—being stuck unblinkingly and unseeingly on my hands and the cave wall, my imagination is firing off pussy-pulsing images of Pyx pumping into me.

Good god, I can just envision him…

…with his arms stretched over his head and his palms pressed against solid rock, his lower body’s doing all the work. Each stroke—powered by the steadily increasing tempo of his flexing ass and rippling abs—rides up his spine like a wave, rolling his back and shoulders and rhythmically snapping his carapace plates together. And although his arms aren’t moving, the tendons—starting at the back of his hands, then running up the roped muscles of his forearms, and ending at his bugling biceps and shoulders—are popped and straining…

A sharp spark of bliss fires off inside of me.

I’m so screwed.

That spark is the tenth one of those mini-mind-blowing bursts to mini-explode, yet I still haven’t come.

And I really, really, really wanna come.

Even though Pyx’s pumping his hips faster and faster, and I can feel my core clenching and clenching, I’m kinda stuck. You know, I’m circling that ‘so close, so close, so close’ summit that will literally end the razor-sharp, pleasure-and-pain climb. And I’m just going round and round, not getting higher as I coil tighter.

I… I don’t know how much more I can take of this.

Another firm stroke pushes through my clenching core, curling my toes, and…

I whimper.

With no shame, I inject my voice with blatant begging because my heart’s pounding. My lungs are burning. My sanity is clawing against my skull because I need…

…I need…

“Luna,” Pyx’s low groan’s laced with heat and urgency. “Come, Luna.”

He keeps pumping and urging. I keep whimpering and sobbing and start babbling. We’re getting nowhere, and I don’t know how to fix this—

Pyx grunts. The next thrust is firm. Assertive.

“Luna.” His voice is assertive, too. “Come.”

I wanna come. I really, really do.

He thrusts harder. “Come.”

His commanding voice gives my pussy a jolt. As—thank god—my coiling core starts to tighten, he strokes back into me.

“Fuck.” He rasps through a choppy exhale, “So lush. So fucking lush.”

I coil tighter, sob louder, and babble, um, hysterical-er…

“Feels so—” Blowing a ragged exhale, he shudders. “Come with me inside you, Luna.”

Yes! Please! Of freaking course!

But I don’t have any words, just hysterical, sobbing babbling. And Pyx’s thrusts have become outright frantic…

“Come.” Thrust. Thrust. “On my cock.” Thrust.

Oh god. I’m trying. My core’s coiling tighter and tighter—

A piercing, grating sound cuts through both my sobs and Pyx’s ragged heaving. Now I’ve got dust and pebble-sized debris raining down on the back of my head because…

…Pyx freaking cracked the freaking cave wall with his freaking bare hands!

“By Aku, come, Luna.” Pyx’s voice has pitched back into urgent pleading as he’s thrusting, “Comeonmycocksofucking—”

I come.

Fucking hard.

All over his cock.

So apparently, when engaged in extremely specific instructional interactions, I’m a very good listener.

This chapter is complete! I’ve enabled commenting and have added my own thoughts as well.

As always, thank you so much for reading!

xo Bex

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From Slow & Steady: The Velveteen Tortoise
Copyright © 2020, 2021 by Bex McLynn
All rights reserved

One thought on “Slow and Steady – The Velveteen Tortoise – Chapter Eleven

  1. First, I gotta apologize for Luna’s scene. I needed to post this chapter pretty much as-is. My poor puppy has spent too much time in his pen. Since the weather is surprisingly awesome, I’m going for a walk with him. Therefore, all the repetitive ‘thrusts, strokes, groans’ and other typos be danged. I’ll either fix or eradicate them in the second draft…

    Now, let’s talk about all the goodies in this chapter!

    Luna and Pyx have just concluded their “Maybe This Time” beat. I plan to move them right along to their “Midpoint Love” pseudo happiness beat. This means that I gotta show Luna and Pyx just HOW GOOD they could be together, if only…

    Ah. The ‘if onlys’ are tenacious yet very telling things to write. I can’t wait!

    Currently the manuscript is 53,000 words. This chapter adds about 5k of smexy fun times. What do I expect going forward? Well. I’m not sure. These upcoming beats (doubt, retreat, break-up) are the ones I typically flub and end up writing off-structure versions of them. Right now, I have these beats outlined true-to-structure, but we’ll have to see.

    Sounds exciting, right?

    Well, see you all at the end of Chapter Twelve and thank you so much for reading!


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