Slow & Steady – Let Down Your Hare – Joyous Teaser

I’ve got a “joyous” Let Down Your Hare for you teaser…

No One: I wonder what Bex’s plotting looks like?

Bex: I am sooo glad that you asked! Feast your gaze on my brilliant gibberish. If all goes to plan, one day it will be comprehensive sentences and stuff…

šŸ¢Ryorin the BastionšŸ¢

Ryorin: You’re one of The Restrained’s bestest friends. (Cringes to say so aloud.) How has the male cured himself of his unrelenting idiocy?

Gary (pissed): What?

Ryorin: The male is marginally less of an imbecile than he used to be.

Gary (glaring): The only change in Pyx is that he’s happy as hell with Luna.

Ryorin (internal): But that doesn’t explain it. Because idiots are delusional, thus deliriously happy, individuals. That’s the trademark of being an idiot. The lucky little shits, to willfully be so joyous despite their true circumstancesā€¦

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