Slow & Steady – Let Down Your Hare – Impressively Ruthless Teaser

I’ve got an “impressively ruthless” Let Down Your Hare for you teaser…

We’re now a few days past the midpoint of November, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not gonna ‘win’ NaNoWriMo this year.

But that’s okay.

I’m about 25% through my goal, which means I have half of my crappy-first-draft/outlining done. This plotting-drafting part of my writing process both excites and frustrates me. So many ideas hit me so quickly that I scramble to get them all on my spark sheet. Some of these early sparks get edited out as I go. Some are sparkingly gems of spot-on character interaction. The sparkly bits really conflict me, because I want to share them sooo badly, but it’s a draft. I really should wait until it’s all polished and published. Right?

Whelp, in this case, I’m not gonna wait. I’m having a blast with Joia and Ryorin. So, enjoy!

🐢Maybe Ryorin the Bastion?*🐢

[Ryorin admiring Jo’s shrewd and deliberate, yet subtle, machinations…]

Joia: You’re calling me sneaky, Pompous.

Ryorin: I am listing all the attributes that make you The Ruthlessly Cunning.

Joia (arches brow): Right.

Ryorin: Truly. You’ve many admirable qualities.

Joia: That you’ve characterized as ‘ruthless’.

Ryorin (nods): Impressively so.

Joia (glares at him because that is not a compliment):…

*A few things. Right now I’m just a fly on the wall, so I’ve got no idea whose the point-of-view character for this scene. Also, I have zero idea if this will make the final draft. But it’s always fun to lock Jo and Ryorin into a room and watch the sparks fly.💛

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